Simple Tips On Preparing My Twinboys To School (to keep me sane)


Having multiples/twins is one challenging job! When I thought terrible twos stage is the most difficult one, wait 'till your twins started schooling. I can never imagine paying for two tuition fees at once! Apart from buying everything in two sets, I've been really crazy about where to enroll them. Setting them apart was out of the question. It was not for us at this very moment. 

As you all know, I am a mom who works full time. I sleep in the morning after my shift at work and will also get up early to prepare for the kids to go to school. Then their father will bring them to school and goes home with them. After that, I'll go to work na while my MIL takes good care of our youngest daughter.

It was a hell of a ride, I tell you. Raising twins doubled the work but that also twice the joy. But with the help of my partner and MIL, we did make it to two weeks! Hooray! So here are my simple tips on preparing my twinboys to school which also helps me (and us) to keep our sanity intact! :)

1. Buy 1 Take 1 School Supplies. We bought everything in two sets so we took advantage of the School SALE. We scored a super affordable set of black shoes which are not more than PHP200. It was a good deal and the quality is not that bad. We actually save a lot on a Buy 1 Take 1 Free promo on all their school supplies! :)

2. Buy two of the same exact thing. This includes the bag (They chose their own bag and they chose the same thing! A Lightning McQueen bag!) so it is ok if the other one takes the other one. (you know what I mean?) They usually fight over different kinds of toys (even the same kind of toys, I know it sounds crazy magulo sila sa totoo lang), so pareho na lang para walang away! This goes the same with their uniforms, socks, shoe pencils, colors because they will definitely share everything. Why worry? He He He!

3. White Polo & Socks. So I don't have to worry about which one is for the right one. It will be easier and will save time looking for that pair of socks! (na lageng nawawala!) I know I talked about how I liked my twins in different clothes, so people can tell them apart, but their teacher knows them really well during their summer school. No need to worry about it. Besides, the school requires them to wear uniforms. 

4. Nametags. This is a must for moms with multiples. This saves me in real time! I printed out stickers for their worksheets and books. I also made their nameplates (for the classmates and their parents not to get confused) and I also want to make bag tags.

5. Simple Baon. No Bento Baons for us. Don't judge me. We always bought packs of different biscuits on a weekend. Toss their snacks on their lunch bags and away they go. They only have 2 hours anyway and they've already eaten lunch before going out.

6. Prepare everything the day before. It saves time and energy. All we need to do is wake up the kids, have their breakfast, take a bath and get ready.

7. Homeschool. We make sure that all their assignments are well-taken care off before they go to bed. My partner will set simple activities for them to finish before they are allowed to play after school. Even before their summer classes started, we already have worksheets for their activities everyday. No tv's too on a weekday.

It is really fun with twinsSo yeah, these are the simple tips that we have on preparing my twinboys to school. I really don't want it to be complicated and all I want for them is to enjoy attending school and learn from it. I was so excited when they first started schooling but I also need to calm myself that everything will be alright. Worrying a lot will not help. How about you mommies? How were the first 2 weeks of school?

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