RH228 Mother Manual Double Electric Breast Pump Review

RH228 Mother Manual Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Happy Breastfeeding Month! Writing this post, we are now on our 6th month semi-exclusively breastfeeding. Semi-exclusive because I go to work and pump. Baby girl feeds on a baby bottles. Luckily, she didn't have nipple confusion so I can still latch her directly when I goes home from work. Our journey was never easy. Moms who are a full time employee can attest to that. I even came to a point where I can't produce any milk. I was so frustrated. It was even harder when I don't have a proper breast-pump. I prefer hand-expressing because I don't want to wash pumo. And there's no need to bring a heavy pump on the way to work. I tried using the manual pump from Chicco. But I lost its small rubber. I'm so careless I know. By each day, its getting harder saving milk. Adding to the fact that I only have a limited time to express milk and need to go down the stairs to go to the office's clinic and lactate. So I tried looking for an affordable pump that will not break my wallet. I finally gave in and bought this RH228 Mother Manual Double Electric Breast Pump on white. It only costs P804 pesos from Lazada PH. I heard from a fellow breastfeeding mom that itts cheaper now, around 600+ pesos na lang! So those mom's who can't afford a pump, here's a review that I hope can help you.

Here is a short video of unboxing the breast pump and assembling it.

The box contains product accessories such as two bottles, one nipple, one mainframe and the connector. It needs to be connected to a power bank so you could use it. It has a product manual inside with easy instructions.

RH228 Mother Manual Double Electric Breast Pump Review

(Info from the box)
Intelligent microcomputer electric breast pump instructions for use:

1. Press the power to enter 90 seconds to stimulate lactation mode, the system will be gradually increasing the intensity of the breast, the breast until the default intensity of the mother during the press "+" "-" to adjust their own efforts to carry out the breast.

2. Press mode, you can switch and breast massage mode, the massage is displayed as red light, green light appears as breast pump.

3. A total of 18 stalls suction, when the long Press "+" or "-" appears long traffic light is blinking, indicating that has been set to the highest or the lowest gear.

Here's my thought about it:

I have been using this since I came back to work for over 5 months now and so far so good. In one sitting, I can save an amount of 5oz in just one breast (see image below). It is not painful to use even if I pump for almost an hour. Easy to use and assemble, there are no small parts that is not hard to clean. It is so lightweight and handy. I can just put it inside my bag together with my insulated bag. It can be use on an outlet or powerbank. I still need to test its durability though.

The downsides, it creates a loud noise and there's a defect on one of the pump. I can only use one since I got it. I am not sure if there's a hole on the tube or what. I learned from someone that if you compute the total price divided by per day you use it, it will only shows on how worth it an affordable product is. It is still ok if you think over the affordability and how many months you'll use it.

It is by far a great alternative from any expensive electric breast pump out there. Just make sure that it both works. Enjoy breastfeeding!

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