Dealing with Twins Terrible Twos!

My twins are the most amazing blessings that I ever received in my entire life! And they are the ones who keep me crazy & sane too! Though I love every single moment and time that I get to spend with them, I also have those times that I would like to give up! I don't know how my partner deals with them every day, but all I can say is I can't do it all by myself! The credits all go to him and I'm really thankful that I have him in my life! He He He!


My twins are aged 2 years old and 2 months now. Yeah, terrible twos I know! I didn't even believe that word until now! I can't even start on how I will describe it. So what are the signs of terrible twos? How you will know if your child enters terrible twos? They said if they started screaming without any reasons at all, throwing everything, being independent, running all over the place, trying everything, fighting, meltdowns, not listening to every word that you are saying and this list will not end because there is a lot and my twins have it all. :)


And to say that I have two toddlers, not one to deal with terrible twos is manageable is an understatement. 


So how do we deal with it? I might as well ask my hubby about it! He He He!


When they throw their tantrums, we are just cool about it. Maybe I'm the coolest one (don't ask hubby about it). I will ask them what's wrong first (it needs a lot of patience on questions, trust me). There are times that we are really frustrated if we don't know what our kids are saying to us especially if we don't understand them. My twins can't talk straight yet (bulol pa) and you can't understand anything but they know what they want and know where to point. Sometimes I will bribe them with food or the tv. Yeah, don't judge me because I will go crazy if I don't do it especially if this momma right here can't understand them. Hu Hu Hu! Poor momma! There is a schedule for screen time but it is hard to be followed especially if I am not around. My partner sometimes spoils them not to mention their grandparents as well. We also have them sleep every afternoon (everyday) so they will have all the energy and they don't feel cranky whenever they will feel sleepy. I don't let them eat sweets because it will make them super hyper and active. It is also effective to stay firm and my partner is the firmest one. We also let them play outside so they can express themselves more with other children and let out their super active side. In terms of fighting over toys, the rule of having them the same toys or different toys is actually not working for them. So we teach them to learn how to share. Easier to say but believe me its always a war. After several minutes, they will still play together and seems like nothing happens! So I'll let them be. Just wait if the toys will be flying everywhere and that's my queue to butt in! I will also let them try on the things that they would like to try, for example, if they want to eat on their own, even if it means that I will clean the whole house after. They will also try to climb everything and copy Superman! How can I resist? Better to guide and watch them really closely because you don't want them to end having bruises and all. In contrary, my hubby will let them play outside and be cool about them having wounds on their knees from playing. He always says that they are kids and they need to experience it. They are on the stage where they want to be independent and will try everything that they will see.


And most of all we learned to enjoy every minute of it! I learned to play wrestling the experienced body pains afterward, learned to understand every bulol words, learned to have a lot of patience, learned to run faster, and learned to multitask. Yeah, its crazy but there are only young once and I will definitely miss every little naughty thing that they've done once they grow up! Everything is just so fast!

We are not done with the terrible twos yet! So any tips for me?

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