When Does Raising Twins Get Crazier?

Most of the times, I get asked how I managed to raised twins. I still don't know up to know what are the answers. Especially if they have a follow up fact that they are boys. Two boys! You can never imagine how my life is everyday now that my twins are on their toddler years. I also talked about the terrible two's here where I think I was not able to sum up all the craziest things that they've done. Don't get me wrong, I love my twins so much, they make my life amazing and complete. But the fact that we are raising two boys of the same age, with two different personalities and have a lot of antics, of course, who will not be crazy? :p

It would be much easier if I'll just show some pictures to prove it. 


When we went to an arcade at Robinsons Antipolo, there are two cars (red & yellow), at first, they don't want to ride it, they are throwing their tantrums maybe because they just woke up when we got there. But when they started to like the cars, they don't want to leave it anymore! And there's a long line of children waiting for them to finish the ride. So when we get them from the cars, imagine the crying and shouting! He He He!

Twins 13

We usually let the twins play outside after their afternoon nap. And once they got to mingle with the other kids, I don't know where they got the idea to sit on the concrete road! Like a boss!

Twins 12

In terms of playing, you know how kids really like simple toys and how their imagination works. Here is my Asahi Convection Oven box that they really enjoyed playing with.

Twins 11

Toys all over the place!

Twins 10

I am always thankful when they are not fighting over toys. Hallelujah! 

Twins 9

I love when they eat ice cream and don't really care on how messy they are after.

Twins 8

They love to try new things by themselves. 

Twins 7

More toys to scatter!

Twins 6

They love to climb everything which makes me a little nervous sometimes. The image above was sent by their father and I scolded him after because someone might fall! Haist!

Twins 5

Swimming anyone???

Twins 4

They love big spaces where they can run ...

Twins 3
... and crawl too.

Twins 2
That is their Papa on the center. :D

and run again!

I know for a fact that raising twins will never ever be easy. But no, I will not exchange my life now, because they make me happy and fulfilled! They are my forever! <3 I am so grateful that I have them!

And that my friends are how my life gets crazier (and fun!) with twins! :)

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