Why My Twins Have Different Clothes

Why My Twins Have Different Clothes
My twins on their hand me down onesies with the same color but different designs

I love dressing my twins on the same clothes atleast just now that they are still young. But when they reach the age of two and above I want to separate their clothes. I believe that twins should have different individuality. We don't have a lot of new clothes when they were born most are hand-me-downs, so most of their clothes are not similar except when I buy new clothes for them. But it was really difficult to separate the twins clothes alltogether. Sometimes we will have it all mixed up!

Why My Twins Have Different Clothes

As per my twins, you will easily notice them apart. But I hate it when people are comparing my twins. As much as possible, I want them to have their own personality. That's why I am starting it with having different clothes. But if for instance I wanted to buy same clothes, I need to assign each twin their colors. For example, Twin A will get most of the blue clothes and Twin B will get the green ones. Or same colors but different designs. I also need to remind my friends not to give same clothes or toys. Though most of the time I can't control that because those are gifts.

It is also very helpful once they're grown that they have different clothes. Relatives, friends and family will tell them apart easily. And to reiterate that, they can't decide yet for themselves and it will be a gain to their development to decide on what do they like to wear. I found this article helpful on how to dress twins and this too.

But I will make sure that the two of them will have a fair on what outfits to wear.

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