8 New Hobbies to Try in 2019

Do you have a favourite thing you like to do? Is there something you enjoy doing just for fun? How do you relax at the end of a long day at work? Millions of people already have a hobby, however, there is also a sizeable number that doesn’t. If you’ve got some spare time to fill and are looking for an interesting leisure activity, you might be looking for some suggestions. After all, having a hobby can help relieve stress, make new social connections, build your self-confidence, and even bring in some extra cash at the same time as honing your skills. 

Here are 8 hobby ideas that you might find appealing:


Are you a fan of the Great British Bake Off or the Great British Baking Show? Have you thought about trying your hand at some of the recipes? Baking can be a very satisfying hobby to have and your friends and family are going to enjoy your creations. 

The Japanese art of paper folding is a hobby that’s both creative and relaxing. There are thousands of different designs you can learn. It’s a very challenging pastime and you’ll be improving your hand-eye coordination. 

An increasing number of people are turning to vaping as a way to relax and have fun. Vaping offers a wide variety of flavour profiles and experiences, with many of the e-liquids you can buy very pleasant smelling and tasting. If you want to pick this pastime up or want to try your hand at vape tricks, Ultimate Juice is where you can purchase everything you need. 

It can be great fun making things, but upcycling is even more rewarding as you’re taking things you own but don’t use anymore and turning them into something more useful or aesthetically pleasing. An old chair from the garage can be transformed into a rustic shelf, for example.


Take photographs of the world around you using your smartphone or treat yourself to a digital camera. There are several cameras that would be perfect for a beginner and you’ll enjoy learning how to take the perfect picture and then be able to display it in your home or post it to social media. 

Learn a Foreign Language
Are you planning to travel abroad this year? Why not learn some of the languages so you don’t have to keep pointing and smiling sweetly when you want something? There are so many secondary cognitive benefits to learning another language as well, meaning you’ll gain a useful skill and engage your brain at the same time. 

Gardening is a relatively inexpensive hobby to have and you probably already have most of what you need at home already. Even if you think you don’t have green fingers there are plenty of places to go for information. 


Write a Blog
You don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy if you want to write a blog. It’s easy to set things up online, with a little help from the internet. If you’ve always wanted to put your thoughts, ideas, poetry, and musings on paper for other people to read, blogging is the perfect medium. 

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands and you don’t want to spend it on the couch binge watching Netflix, one of these new hobbies is the perfect answer. 

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