How To Choose The Right Air Track

Hello mommies! Are your kid into gymnast? How do you hone their gymnast skills? Are you considering on buying an air track for them to practice? An air track is a great tool for a gymnast to practice their tumbling & stunts. This equipment is also great for beginners with the right training and coach. It is an inflatable mat that makes it easier to bounce. It is like a trampoline that is fun to use! Also, having an air track is more convenient if you want to save money going to the gym. This is also great for an active kid doing their cartwheels. And because it's already summer, you can even bring one to the beach. 

When buying an air track for your gymnast, it is always the option to choose the safest and effective one. Considering buying an air track? Here are simple tips on how to choose:

Choose Quality

Wholesaleairtrack is the world's largest suppliers of inflatable air track and has several years of experience in producing air track. Today there are several operators offering air track that have poor quality and begins to gradually break down with time. They have developed the best quality of air tumble track and ensures that each part keeps the best quality.

They got product collection on their Air Track Factory where you can choose from. 
Airtrack Factory - Wholesaleairtruck
Choose Durability

Air tracks are inflatable so it should be made from a quality material that won't get punctured easily. FAQS from Wholesale Air Track is that their AirTracks are made of top quality, strength materials, which used for inflatable boat production. 

The AirTracks are all hand-made by industry specialist and undergo a well-round and strict quality control.

Blowing up for 16 hours in their factory for the pressure test to ensure airtight seals before shipment with the finished pictures or video of the AirTrack for every customer.
Air Tumblr Track - Wholesale Airtrack
Choose Thickness

Air tracks have a different thickness that you can choose from. There are 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm thickness. Depending on the exercises, select from the thinnest or thickest of air tracks there is. Wholesale Airtracks offers P1 (10cm), P2 (20cm) and P3 (30cm) air tracks.

What's the difference between P1, P2, and P3?

P1: The 10 cm thickness AirFloor is their thinnest air track. It's great for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym and school sports, as its movability and stability to make it perfectly good for these activities. It feels like doing the exercises on the floor, but it is bouncier than a spring floor so that the AirFloor can offer a special training experience.

P2: 20cm thickness air track. The ideal mat for medium and advanced athletes.
The AirTrack P2 is the middle thickness mat. It’s bouncier than P1 AirFloor but less bounce than P3, soft and bounce, good for flips, tumbling practice.

P3: 30cm thickness air track. Our most thickest AirTrack is the most versatile and bounce air track. You can do a slow and easy bounce.

Air tracks is definitely a great support equipment that can be used by a gymnast or anyone that would like to enhance that inner gymnast skill. 

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