Replacing Our HISENSE Freezer Door

Replacing Our HISENSE Freezer Door

Are you also one of those misis who has this dilemma of their refrigerator's freezer door getting broken? C'mon is it just me? LOL! Being the kuripot in me, I've been contemplating if I will DIY a new freezer door for our Hisense freezer door. But I didn't really know how to do it. So if you are like me, read on below on how you can actually order a new set of freezer door for your refrigerator without leaving your home.

I can't remember the year when we bought our Hisense one door refrigerator. All I know is I bought it because I wanted to store my pumped breastmilk for my youngest daughter when I got back to working. It served us really well until now that I no longer need it to store for breastmilk.

This is how our Hisense freezer door looked like when it was broken. For freezer door like this, it is advisable not to build heavy ice. But yeah, it happens. We even tried to fixed it with tape pero sino bang niloloko namen? HA HA HA

Hisense Model BC - 176 Freezer Door

Then pandemic happened. It was really hard to go out with all the quarantine protocols and we don't really want to go out and mingle with a lot of people. So I tried to messaged Hisense FB page if there is any chance to replace our freezer door. The rep asked what the model is and our location. He/she provided us with the amount and we can request it via 3rd party delivery which is Lalamove.

Hisense FB Page

I booked a Lalamove the next day. I clicked on additional service to purchase the freezer door from Hisense Pasig Service Center and it only took a few minutes for it to be delivered straight from our door in Antipolo. 

Lalamove Additional Service

If you are also curious about Lalamove's fee, here it is. I gave the rider a small tip because he waited for the product for a few minutes.

Lalamove Rates

Lo and behold, here is our new freezer door. The process is super easy and Hisense customer service rep is really prompt on replying. They also give us advise not to break the freezer door again. LOL! 

Hisense Model BC - 176 Freezer Door

I am not really sure if you can replace the other accessories but better messaged your ref's brand on their FB pages. There is also a technician fee of P500 from Hisense if you wanted it checked. But we didn't avail of this one yet as our refrigerator still works fine. 

That's it! I hope you find this post helpful. Comment down below if you also experienced getting your refrigerator's freezer door broken. Damayan nio ko! :)

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