Baby No 3: Baby Essentials, Shopping Loot and Updates

Baby No 3: Baby Essentials, Shopping Loot and Updates

Hey how's everyone doing? December na and I know some of you is still busy for Christmas Shopping. This is the busiest time of the year! As for me, I am taking my time slowly. Super slow that I am not finish yet with the Christmas shopping. Ang hirap ng magshopping and ayokong makipagsabayan sa dami ng tao! As you all know I am currently carrying our baby no. 3. As of this writing, I am capping off my very last blogging event which is a food review somewhere in Marcos Highway (This is such a super late draft! My last event was last December 17, a movie screening of Rogue ). If you've been following me on IG or Facebook, you'll see there that I am still very much active with attending events. I don't know but it what makes me happy and I am thankful that my partner is so supportive about it (or napipilitan lang? :D) and another good thing is that I don't have a sensitive pregnancy. I was not able to do this kind of thing when I was pregnant with my twins. Just imagine how big I am that time. So right now, because my tummy is on its 8th month, I promised myself to attend one last event.

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And speaking of my tummy being on its 8th month, we were able to do the ultrasound last November 29, 2016! We don't have any gender reveal party, just the usual broadcast with all my friends and relatives via private message. And I am happy to announce here that we are welcoming a baby GIRL! My partner was so happy about it! To tell you honestly, I only got one name and its only for a baby girl, such a relief! He He He!

I've controlled my urge to buy a lot of things from the first 7 months of my pregnancy. Knowing the gender now, I am super excited to do the shopping na (kahit wala pang 13th month pay!). Being the practical mom that I am, I listed all the items that we will be needing. I know that I don't want to spend that much (kahit na kating kati ang kamay kong magshopping) I only needed a few items. We are almost complete with all her newborn clothes, all are hand-me-downs from her brothers and nieces. They are still on good condition and just needed a wash. Babies grow faster so I'll buy na lang ulet kapag pwede na kame gumala. I also have a former boss who will give me all her baby girl's clothes! Such a blessing!

So here are the items that I already got for my baby girl. Most of the items are freebies that I got from the events that I've attended. Being a blogger is such a blessing, I'm just grateful for all the products that I am receiving. It would help me to spend more on the other important items for my baby girl (kuripot lang talaga ang peg!). So thank you sa mga PR and brands na nagpapadala ng items sa kin and of course for the all the invites.

 Though I am planning to exclusively breastfeed, this will come in handy in due time.

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Won this bonnet and socks from Smart Parenting Baby Workshop. And a freebie from Tinybuds.

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Our first diaper pack from Pampers during the Smart Parenting Workshop.

 Attended an event for Baby Mama where I learned more about breastfeeding and babywearing. I bought one pouch from Indigo, 7 in 1 coffee for our breastfeeding journey and nursing cover from BabyMamaPH. Freebies are the nursing pads, lactation cookies and linen sprays.

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 Another raffle prize from Smart Parenting Workshop.

For the clothes, yes may panlaba na din! :)

Chicco Breast Pump

Chicco Classic Breast Pump that I got from Momi Berlin (hand-me-downs from Yael). Image grabbed from her.

Avent Feeding Bottles

These are from Yael too. Image grabbed from momi Berlin. In preparation of going to work again, for the breastmilk. Still looking into buying those breastmilk packs.

Cloth Diapers

Purchased cloth diapers from Vezee's Closet. I'll purchase another set soon. We will start with all the diapers first before venturing into cloth diapers.

Mamypoko Diapers

Another package from Lazada Affilliate! Thank you!

I think that's it! I still don't have time to take pictures of the items my mom bought from Malaysia. We don't really need a lot just the necessity. My operation will be on January 18, 2016 and will still work until the 2nd week of January. Hoping to still update this blog while I am on Maternity Leave. Happy Christmas Holidays to everyone!

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