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    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes

    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes

    It was my very first Zomato Foodie Meetup. I was so excited and even asked a blogger friend about it. I never consider myself as a professional foodie, I just love to eat and take pictures of my food. Then I will review it as honest as possible though sometimes I am bias especially if its my favorite. We all have favorites right? And my problem is I will always say that its delicious and yummy nothing else! Ha Ha Ha

    The people behind this foodie meetup

    This post deserves good looking pictures. That's why it take me quite a while to post it. I want to give justice to the food especially to the place who serves not just quality food but wines too. I hope my pictures are decent enough. 

    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes
    PLANET GRAPES: "Discover wine, one grape at a time"

    Planet grapes was opened last 2013. Right now they already have 4 branches from Mckinley Hill, Cebu, River Park Alabang and Shangri-La.

    Planet Grapes caters to anyone who wants to enjoy wine without the drama. It is a place where budding wine enthusiasts can discover wine, one grape at a time, with no anxiety or judgment. Premium store locations are chosen strategically to make wine conveniently accessible to all who might grow to love it as we do. Planet Grapes is casual, comfortable and creative. We aspire to nurture the next generation of wine lovers in the Philippines.

    Wine Without The Drama

    I love how classy the place & comfortable at the same time. Though I hate the tall chairs, it was really hard for me to get on and off of it. Ha Ha Ha Pandak kasi! 

    The kitchen also has a window where you can see the chef preparing the menu. 

    There are wine dispensers "vending machines" where you can try their wines on sip, half and full glasses.

    The napkin holder that was made from corks also caught my attention same as the chandeliers that are made from bottles. 

    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes

    Let's go to the food! Here are the list of dishes that was served that day. Each dish is paired with wine. I don't know much about wine but I am not a first time drinker. 

    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes

    The first was the Chicharon with Tinapa Dip. Imagine Chicharon is made from pork and Tinapa Dip from fish but they complement each other very well. I can't help but to munch at it over and over. And the dip is unforgettable! I even dreamt about it! It was a great combination to start the menu. Now its their fault that I am craving for Tinapa Dip everyday.

    Chicharon with Tinapa Dip
    Chicharon with Tinapa Dip

    Next is the Red Hot Bopis. It's not spicy, don't really expect from its name. They served it intentionally to be on mild spicy because you will be pairing it with a wine. If its very spicy and your tongue got burnt, you will not tastes the best of it. But according to them you can adjust the spiciness according to your desire though they will recommend to have it on mild spicy. 

    Red Hot Bopis
    Red Hot Bopis

    The first 2 dishes were paired with Paul Mas sauvignon Blanc 2012. Paul Mas 2012 has a citrus fruits aroma & has an alcohol content of 12.5%.

    Paul Mas sauvignon Blanc 2012
    Paul Mas Sauvignon Blanc 2012

    Then Adobo Rice & Mashed Potato was served for the side dish of Organic BBQ Pork Spare Ribs & Chicken BBQ. The Adobo Rice was full of flavors & top off with soft floss. You can eat it alone. Kanin lang ulam na!

    Adobo Rice & Mashed Potato
    Adobo Rice & Mashed Potato

    Adobo Rice
    Yummy Adobo Rice

    Next dishes that was served were the chicken bbq & organic bbq pork spare ribs. The main stealer of the day was organic bbq pork spare ribs, it was baked to 2-3 hrs then grilled to perfection. It melts in your mouth! It has the right seasonings. The BBQ sauce really caught me! I really love it! I wish I can take it home so my partner can taste it too. The chicken bbq on the other hand is just a normal bbq for me. Though it was cooked well & was soft as you take a bite from it. It also has a little spiciness. We paired it with Pircas Negras Malbec 2013. Pircas Negras 2013 has a black cherry & plum aromas with 12.5% alcohol content.

    Chicken BBQ
    Chicken BBQ

    organic bbq pork spare ribs
    Organic BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

    Finally its the desserts! The Dessert Sampler that was served were buko pie bites, turon trilogy & creme brûlée  with 3 flavors: classic, banana, & durian.

    buko pie bites, turon trilogy & creme brûlée  with 3 flavors: classic, banana, & durian
    Buko Pie Bites, Turon Trilogy & Creme Brûlée  with 3 flavors: classic, banana, & durian

    Buko Pie Bites has a soft crust with fillings that are not too sweet.

    Buko Pie Bites
    Buko Pie Bites

    The creme brûlée are not bake but chilled.

    creme brûlée
    Creme Brûlée

    I only got a spoonful of Turon Trilogy, it was gone so quickly. No doubt about it, because it was a pocket full of yummy flavors. It's banana, violet yam and jackfruit caramel. It's not fried but baked. 

    Turon Trilogy
    Turon Trilogy

    I love all the desserts! But I loved the creme brûlée classic flavor more and paired it  with Folir a Deux Cabernet Sauvignon 2009. It was the first time that I tried pairing desserts with wine. And the best word to describe it is perfect! I was really amazed on how they tasted so well together. 

    Wines: Pircas Negras Malbec 2013, Urban Old Vines 2013, Paul Mas sauvignon Blanc 2012 not pictured is Folir a Deux Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
    Wines: Pircas Negras Malbec 2013, Urban Old Vines 2013, Paul Mas sauvignon Blanc 2012 not pictured is Folir a Deux Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

    Overall it was a great experience. The ambiance, the food, and the wines are beyond expectations. The staff too was well knowledgeable on what to pair with the wines. I also learned something that wines are not only paired with meat but was also good with desserts.  No enough words can explain how grateful I am to be invited to this one of a kind foodie meet up. I will recommend this place to the people who love pairing food with wines. And to those who don't drink wines, I dare you to try this place and experience something unusual. Discover wines & enjoy it without the drama.

    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes
    Zomato Hearts Planet Grapes

    Special thanks to Planet Grapes & Zomato. 

    Discover great places to eat around you
    Planet Grapes Shangri-La
    Unit GD 103, North Wing
    Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
    Mandaluyong City

    FB: Planet Grapes
    Twitter: PlanetGrapesPH
    IG: Planet_Grapes

    *Pictures taken using Canon Powershot SX10IS & Iphone 4

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