DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

Hello! How's your long weekend? Me, I just spent it with my two makukulit boys. As in grabe na ang kakulitan nila nauubos ang powers ko! Anyway, I wanted to show you the DIY Barbie Box that my sister-in-law made for my youngest niece 1st Birthday. Remember I made her DIY Barbie Invitation here. I knew that they had a tight budget so I suggested to her to make a Barbie Box as Photo Booth. Well I had my paandar Photo Booth from my twins' first Birthday, eh gusto ko may paandar din sila sa birthday ng bunso namin kahit simple lang.

I showed some picture ideas to my sister-in-law on how she will make the Barbie Box. The box will complement the theme of the party Barbie. Good thing, my mom bought my nieces new plastic orocans, so we make use of the big boxes. It was accurate with the size that we are aiming for the barbie box.

What you'll need:

Crepe Papers

First is to cut the box for the frame that will look like a barbie box.
Then paint it with your desired color.
Put stickers if you want to.
Draw the letters of Barbie on cartolina, cut it and paste it on the box. You can either add this on top of the box or the bottom.

My brother also had this idea of adding disco lights inside but not applicable on a daylight celebration.

And here is the outcome, few days before the party.

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

My niece would like to take a picture with it!

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth
Ok, testing testing! :)

We also add pink crepe papers on the inside of the box to finish it off.

Here are some of the pictures of the Barbie Box Photo Booth on the day of the party! The kids actually enjoyed having their pictures taken at our DIY Photo Booth. :)

DIY Barbie Box for Photobooth

So what do you think? :)

Barbie Theme Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday to our Baby Bunso! I hope hindi ka na maging iyakin! :p

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