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    Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    Mang Inasal's Crema De Leche Halo Halo and Turon Split

    I noticed that I've been posting a lot of food stuff here on the blog. I am sorry that I am not able to post crafty stuff because I am out of the house most of the time. As usual, I have a lot of pending crafty projects at home. So please, pagbigyan nyo na ko. :)

    Do you feel it? It's really summer na! Grabe ang inet sa labas noh? And one of the the best way to enjoy it is eating cold desserts! Yes, I have another reason to buy Halo Halo. :)

    Mang Inasal's Crema De Leche Halo Halo and Turon Split

    So I've tried the new Mang Inasal's Crema De Leche Halo Halo and Turon Split. Mang Inasal is not only popular for their chicken and unlimited rice. They also have affordable desserts.

    Mang Inasal's Crema De Leche Halo Halo
    Crema De Leche Halo Halo P65.00

    Hello there Crema De Leche Halo Halo! Crema De Leche Halo Halo is consists of Leche Flan, Banana, Milk and Macapuno. There's nothing special to it. I wish they will add more leche flan though. He He He.

    Mang Inasal's Turon Split
    Turon Split P39.00

    Turon Split on the other hand is a version of Banana Split. Instead of Banana they replace it with turon. I love how the the turon is evenly stuffed with sweet bananas and was cooked crisp though the sticks are so small. I want to make a homemade version of this  because its doable and my kids and nieces will definitely love this.

    Go to the nearest Mang Inasal branch and try it for yourself. :)

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