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    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    HIBU RALLY 2013

    Being beautiful is not in the way you dress nor on the pigments you put in your face. Being beautiful is being simple.

    This is so late! Forgive me! :p

    We had an event for our company, where we need to dress red carpet style, called "RALLY" last November 15, 2013. This is like our Christmas party. All employees are required to dress on their best formal attire. It was held at 1 Esplanade Pasay. There were performances, giving of prizes and awarding of best in performances per Line of Business. I was hesitant to go at first because I am 7 months pregnant that time. It was really hard to find a dress that will fit me. And Pasay is really far away from my location (I'm from Antipolo). But then, I decided to go because it is compulsory and it is counted as an attendance. No choice. :p

    HIBU Rally 2013
    HIBU RALLY 2013

    First thing I needed was a dress! Luckily I have a friend & kumare, Eve (who is also pregnant), who have a dress that will fit my big tummy. Hehehe.

    Then, I bought not so expensive make ups and brushes for my make up 101. I also bought a headband that I will use on my hair (I will also do my own hairstyle by the way tipid tips!).

    Moreover, I purchased jewelries on Zalora. One pair of earrings and a necklace (which is really cheap, they only cost like P300 something with the shipment fee, great finds!) I also bought a bag from Ukay-Ukay worth P300 (talking about being matipid hehehe).


    Next, I need a suitable make up for a preggy like me. I searched on Google an attainable and not so heavy make up. I opted for the Neutral Smokey Eye which is very simple. I also used falsed eyelashes! Hahaha

    Neri Ann
    This was the final outcome of my make up

    In addition, I practiced on what will I do with my hair. Not so long ago, I decided to trimmed it at the salon so I will not feel so heavy (because I am so big na). That is why I can't do any braids for my hairstyle. I want it to be simple so I opted for Headband Hairstyle. You can watch several styles here using a headband.

    Headband Hairstyle
    I used an elastic headband that I bought at SM Masinag

    Headband Hairstyle

    You can also use a non elastic headband from Genevieve,
    like the one that I used here.
    I miss my long hair!

    Headband Hairstyle

    Then I am ready to go. Below are the pictures.

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    At Glen's house in Marikina, we rented a van going to Pasay

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    With the UKPS peepz

    HIBU RALLY 2013

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    with our boss and TL's

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    More pose!

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    Picture Here ...

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    There ...

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    Everywhere, basta may cam. :)

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    Wacky preggy me ...

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    Phase 4 with Boss Feng and TL Ness

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    with JK
    I am so big!

    HIBU RALLY 2013
    My former colleague at my previous company

    Thank's for viewing! 'Till next event!

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