Abbott: Introducing The New Pediasure Plus Up Age 10+ on Shopee!


Ensuring the growth of our kids doesn't stop even if they are nearing the teen stage. Ages 10 or above is still crucial age where we make sure they have the correct height and weight. Providing healthy meals and having an active lifestyle are not the only factors. Did you know that we can still offer them a glass of milk to help them become stronger and more active?

Introducing Pediasure Plus Up Age for kids 10 years old and up is launching first on Shopee! Get up to 30% off and free vouchers exclusively on Shopee this May 31.

Ages 10-15 years are often a time of the final major growth among children and according to the Philippines’ National Nutrition Council, ~ 3 out of 10 Filipino children in this age group remain to be stunted. At this age,  children require 2x or more growth nutrients to be able to maximize their growth potential. 

PediaSure Plus Choco Up Age 10+ 1800g Bundle of 2

PediaSure Plus Choco Up Age 10+ 1800g Bundle of 2
PediaSure Plus Choco Up Age 10+ 1800g Bundle of 6

PediaSure has always been at the forefront of innovation and commitment to science-based, clinically- proven nutrition to support Filipino children’s growth and immunity. This 2022, Abbott is launching PediaSure Plus 10+, a new PediaSure line scientifically designed to help support the catch-up growth of children aged 10-15 years old.

Check out Abbott's newly-launched Pediasure Plus Up Age 10+ and enjoy discounts up to 30% off plus vouchers, exclusively on Shopee this May 31!

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  1. Love this pediasure plus age 10+ sure na maganda Ang benefits nito sa ating katawan and worth it to buy Kaya very recommended ❤️🥰


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