Choosing the Perfect Tumble Mat

It is more than a year and yet we are still on a lockdown. How do you still manage to do your workouts at home? Especially for parents like me who have active kids? Exercise should still be a part of our daily routine even if we are on quarantine. But how will you able to do it? I think this is the best time to finally invest into the right equipment.

How about considering buying a tumble mat? A tumbling mat is a type of gym mat that is usually used for gymnastics. But there are also types of mat that you can choose from. One of these is an inflatable air tumble mat.

One of the world's largest supplier of air tumble track is Tumble Mat and has several years of experience in producing quality airs track. 

Their air tumble track are made of top quality, strength materials, which used for inflatable boat production. The air tumble track are all hand-made by industry specialist and undergo a well-round and strict quality control. Blowing up for 16 hours in the factory for the pressure test to ensure airtight seals before shipment with the finished pictures or video of the air tumble track for every customer.

air tumble mat

They used the best quality material for air tumble tracks, called Double Wall Fabric (DWF), consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!).

air tumble set track

For aspiring gymnasts, check out their Air Tumble Track Training Set Gymnastic home edition. You can also check the tumble mat set reviews. Their air tumble tracks here are not limited only to gymnasts but also widely used in various occasions, including home, cheerleading, parkour, school, gym, playground, stadium, etc. Customization of gym air tumble track style, size, and color is also available.

Getting the right equipment is one of the essential part that you should look into especially for those who wants to stay active and wanted to do more exercise at home.

For more information, follow @Tumblemat on Facebook and Instagram to get the newest update of their gym air tumble track.

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