How To Take Care of Your Ukay Clothes

How To Take Care of Your Ukay Clothes

It's not a secret that I love ukay clothes. It started when I was in first year highschool. My auntie from the province started doing ukay business and I picked it up from then on. Not only that there are affordable but you can also score branded items if you are really patient on looking for one.

I wrote here before the 10 practical tips on scoring sulit clothes from ukay-ukay. On this post, let me share with you simple tips on how to take care of your ukay-ukay clothes.

Alter the damage

If you bought an ukay clothes with a slight damage, check if it will be altered by simply sewing it yourself or going to a tailor shop. If it's just missing a button it will be simple to handsewn it. Also check if you are going to alter the size and go to your trusted tailor shop. But in most cases, check for the damages that will be altered without damaging the whole item. Never get something that you'll surely regret buying.

Boil in hot water

For the newly bought ukay clothes, I'll soak the ukay clothes in hot water overnight or boil it in hot water. This way you'll get rid of any unwanted dirt on whoever used it or touched it.

Wash thoroughly

Handwashing the ukay clothes is the most tedious part. You can also opt to use washing machine but remember to use an antibacterial powder. To make the clothes look and smell brand new try washing them with both Surf Powder Detergent and Surf Fabric Conditioner. Using Surf will give you great clean and double the fragrance at the same affordable price! Buy Surf on Shopee today!

When buying ukay clothes you'll realize to take care of your clothes more even if you bought it less. 

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