10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay

One of the things that helps me save a large amount of money is thrift shopping. I always believe that you don't need to break a bank just to look good. As long as its comfortable, no holes, clean and can rock the outfit, it's totally fine. I don't usually go with branded stuff but there's nothing wrong with spending something that you do deserve once in a while. I can count with my fingers the times that I shopped for branded clothes, mostly during my single years. I am just saying that, being a mom brings out the practicality in me. I started to thrift shop or commonly known here in the Philippines as Ukay-Ukay when I was in high school. As I mentioned here, my aunt started her business on Ukay-Ukay and she would pick and give me clothes before she would sell it. From then, I usually shops on Ukay-Ukay store for my clothes (if I am not lazy enough).

“It was derived from the Visayan term “halukay” which means the act of digging. Ukay-Ukay shopping is like treasure hunting, but instead of looking for treasure, you are literally digging from the piles of clothes which are mostly vintage and of high value. The ukay shopping phenomena all started in Baguio. Ukay stores sprouted like mushrooms which later became one of the must-visit places in Baguio.  According to hearsay, it’s origin started way back in the 80s. Due to the frequency of calamities happening in our country, a certain humanitarian group called the Salvation Army used to ship second-hand garments and other goods as forms of help to the Filipino victims. As the goods piled up, business-minded people decided to buy them at a very low-cost and sell them to the public. Thus, ukay-ukay business was born.” - www.theukayqueen.com

With that being said, let me share my 10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Most of the Ukay-Ukay shops don't have an air-condition store. There are some that is even located from bangketa's. In able to score great design of clothes, you have to be on your most comfortable clothes as you ransack those clothes from their racks. So get ready to be sweaty and all. :) 

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay
My skirt was an Ukay from Malaysia by my mom

2. Go on a SALE

There is a term of "New Arrivals" for Ukay shops where they have new arrivals of clothes. Usually, I don't buy a lot if there's new arrivals because most of the items are on peak prices but its on this time that you will score unique clothes and high potential items. On the other hand, if you go on SALE, items are marked down to as low as 20 pesos. I bought my pregnancy leggings from an Ukay shop in Cubao for as low as 20 pesos and some are 3 for 100. The textures and designs are really cute.

3. Bring alcohol

Thrift shops sell second hand clothes so don't expect too much and there are some clothes that came directly out of the box. Dust will surely awaits you. :)

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay
This top was bought years ago from an Ukay shop in Cubao.

4. Bring extra eco bags

Especially if you will buy a lot! The shops will give you plastic bags that is so thin, atleast you are ready.

5. Inspect, inspect, inspect

Inspect every tiny detail on the clothes that you will buy. Check if the buttons are complete, no holes, stains that you can't remove etc. You don't want to buy something that is so inexpensive because it has a damage on it then regret it after.

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay

6. Ask for discounts

There are times when I will ask for discounts if I buy bulk or if there is a slight damage that I can fix. 

7. Befriend the saleslady

Asked for the saleslady's phone number so you could ask her if there's a new arrival on their store or if they will marked down the prices. In that way, you can save time on going to the store and will maximize it by searching for good finds. We used to frequent this Ukay store in Cubao and get the numbers of the salesladies to get the latest updates and they are Ilocanas!

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay
Jacket was bought for 50 pesos same as the shorts

8. PATIENCE is a virtue!

If you really want to score branded items from Ukay store, you should be really really patient and should master on how to search hard. Note that not all thrift shops sells branded clothes. If you are lucky, you can jackpot some branded clothes or even bags and shoes for a very affordable price. My cousin from Canada is very good at this. In addition, I always opt for unique designs in Ukay where you don't see a lot from boutique shops. You can also follow a guide on where to search first. What I will always do is I'll start my search from the sleeveless tops next are the dresses. I only look for jackets, bags and shoes once in a while. It depends if I really need it. 

9. Try to fit everything on

I know it might sound disgusting to try something on that is second hand and not washed yet. Please see number 1. If you have your comfortable clothes on, you can fit the clothes over it. In that way, you are sure that the clothes you are buying fits you well and not just because it is on bargain.

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay

10. Wash thoroughly

I have it soaked overnight or if you are not confident with that, soaked it with warm water + vinegar. I will wash it again with Ariel Powder Detergent the day after.

And the bonus tip ? Wear it proud!

10 Practical Tips on Scoring Sulit Clothes From Ukay-Ukay
Dress is from Ukay same as the boots

Being fashionable is not about the money you put into the clothes you wear but how you confidently wear it. Share your thoughts below! :)

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