Just finished watching My Secret Romance KDrama kasi nga naka-quarantine pa din tayo mga momsh so make time for more KDrama's. :)

My Secret Romance is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun. It revolves around the story of Cha Jin-wook (Sung Hoon) and Lee Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun) who get involved in a one-night stand one day in their lives and meet again three years later.

My Secret Romance (Drama, 2017, 애타는 로맨스)

I must say this is one of those series that has a lot of sweet and passionate kisses! Napaka-light lang ng storyline. Madame na tayo stress dahil sa COVID-19 so wag na natin dagdagan. I actually enjoyed this series.

Sung Hoon is really hot here. Hindi ko halos sya nakilala. I first watched him sa Oh My Venus (sexy nya din dun). 

If you want something light at hindi masyadong masakit sa utak na KDrama, try watching My Secret Romance.

PS: Lookout for the cute webtoon at the beginning of each episodes and epilogues after scenes.

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