Three Easy Ways to Save Time in Your Morning Routine

If you find yourself rushing to get out the door every morning, your self-care can really suffer. However, there are some simple ways to save time in your morning routine without sacrificing your style. In fact, with the right planning, it can be a whole lot easier to arrive at work feeling fresh and confident for the day ahead. Give these three techniques a try for a stress-free start to your day.

woman applying lip balm

Stop Shaving Day After Day

Shaving can be a time-consuming pain. But if you skip it, you could really limit the day's wardrobe options. Put everyday shaving behind you and schedule some laser hair removal. Not only will you save precious time in the shower, but you'll never have to worry about what you're wearing based on the time you spent grooming that morning. Don't just stop with your underarms and legs; laser hair removal for your face can help you save time plucking or waxing before makeup application.

Choose a Hairstyle That Lasts for Days

A new haircut can be like its own mini makeover, but it can accomplish much more than a confidence boost. Ask your stylist about options that work well with minimal styling on non-wash days. A smart style can be easily refreshed with a little dry shampoo a just a few short moments of heat styling or brushing.

Learn to Minimize Your Daily Makeup Routine

A full makeup routine can take half an hour or more from start to finish. Keep in mind that it's perfectly fine to stick with your major components for everyday wear. Save the detailed application for date night and special weekend events. Switch to simple tinted moisturizers and powders for highlighting and contouring, and learn the art of mastering a simple eye shadow palate. Finish with a little blush and mascara and you're good to go!

If you make smart choices and plan ahead, you can enjoy an easier morning with results that are still just as fabulous.

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