Odour Away with Mia Maison Home Fragrances

Thanks God its Friday! I am mostly looking forward to the weekend because I can stay at home with the kids and chill. And its a lot better when your home smells so good, right? I have this habit of cleaning the house all throughout the day depending on my mood but struggles on making the whole house smell great. We only have a tiny room and the nasty smell is really evident. 

Odour Away Aromatherapy Oil from Mia Maison

Thankful that I was introduced to Mia Maison Home Fragrances. MIA MAISON presents you with a wide variety of high-quality products, ranging from aromatherapy oils and fragrances to reed diffusers and room sprays. Their affordable yet high-value items enable their dear customers to indulge and pamper their over-all-well-being at the comfort of their own homes. Made from the best ingredients, their products meet the highest standards in the fragrance industry today.

Luckily, I had the chance to try out Mia Maison's latest concoction. The Mia Maison Odour Away specialized scent doesn't just mask nasty-smelling odours of cigarettes, Tobacco, Raw Food, and other strong-smelling malodorous; it eliminates them!

Odour Away Aromatherapy Oil from Mia Maison

Mia Maison Odour Away Scents
  • Clean Space (my favorite!) - It has Green tea infused with zesty Blood Orange and other Exotic Florals that helps create order amidst the chaos.
  • Anti-Tobacco - It has the long lasting cleaning scent of Lavender and Bright Citruses infused with a few marine aromatics to the mix like Watery Notes, Sea Salt and Ambroxian which are sitting in a bed of warm White Sandalwood to that perfectly smoke-free rooms!
  • Bath Time - It has sparkling Lemon and Fresh Green Notes  that washes away weariness of the day. It also has Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Warm Cedarwood that ensures that even the peskiest of bathrooms stay amazingly pristine.
  • Kitchen Bliss - Fruit medley of Raspeberries, Sweet Cherries and Peaches mixed with Red Roses and Aromatic Aldehydes to counteract any fishy scents.
Odour Away Clean Space from Mia Maison

We love using Mia Maison Odour Away (aromatherapy oil) with the oil burner using tealight candles. It helps me calm my mood and takes my stress away.

Mia Maison Odour Away is now available in selected Mia Maison in Metro Manila (for now). You can also check their kiosks or check our Lazada Flagship Store for more convenience shopping. Prices range from P808 - P4,042. For more information, follow Mia Maison on Facebook & Instagram!

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