Starting a Hometown Craft Fair

Whether you love painting, crochet, carving, or quilting, you’ll probably find something special when visiting a craft fair. Carefully examining each booth or flitting from vendor to vendor, you never know when that perfect piece will catch your eye. If you want to host a local fair, here are a few tips to get you started.

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1. Where and When

Before the excitement of booking vendors and advertising the show, it is crucial that a suitable location is chosen and the dates set. Knowing how much space will be available and the cost can affect every stage of the planning phase. If the venue is outdoors, vendor tents may be needed for shade or a non conductive fence rented to protect generators and other equipment.

2. Artists and Advertisements

Now that you have a time and place, send out a call to local craftsmen, makers, and artists. Let them know what is going on and how they can participate. Give them ample time to respond while sticking to your deadline. Make sure they are aware of what will be provided so they will know what they need to bring.

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Promote your show in local craft stores and online. Word of mouth is a huge boost in artist communities but promoting online is a great way to reach those who may not make it to a store before the fair.

3. Fair and Follow-up

Have your team ready and prepared to meet the needs of both artists and shoppers during the show. Use radios or cell phones to keep communication open so everything can run as smoothly as possible. Be available to take care of any issues that arise quickly. Ask people to fill out a follow-up survey while they are there or have an online form available so you will know what worked and didn’t work for the future.

Enjoying a craft show is a fantastic way to appreciate local art while having a lot of fun. Starting a craft fair locally is an exciting way to bring art, tourism, and community fun to your hometown.

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