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Once school lets out for summer the possibilities can seem endless for eager kids looking to fill their days with fun. Of all the crafts, however, the most fun might be the messy ones. Tie-dye and galaxy shirts are two classic messy crafts that can be crowd favorites on a sunny day. Plus, if you have the correct materials, such as gloves and commercial aprons, no one's clothes or hands will get stained.

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To create colorful clothing, you will need fabric dyes, cotton shirts, aprons, gloves, and large plastic buckets. First, you'll want to fill the buckets with water, then add the dye to them to create your dying station. Next, you'll bunch up your shirt and tie it off in as many places as you choose. This will create the design of your dye. Then you let your bunched-up, tied-off shirt soak in the dye of your choice. The amount of soak time is dependent on how dark you'd like the color to be. After it has soaked for at least 30 minutes, run the shirt under cool water, gradually increasing the temperature, until it runs clear and all the excess dye has been rinsed from the shirt. Finally, let it dry and enjoy your new style!

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Galaxy Shirts

Galaxy shirts are a great way to capture the wonder of space on your clothes. You will need black shirts, a spray bottle or sponge, bleach, aprons, gloves, and paints. Simply spray or sponge the shirt with bleach to create any pattern you desire, then wait for the chemical to set in and change the color of the shirt. After this, you can add blue and purple paint to give it more color, or white paint to add "stars." Once the paint is dry and the shirt has been washed, go out and rock your new extraterrestrial aesthetic!

Messy play encourages creativity and curiosity. Give your kids a positive way to channel their energy by creating these fun clothing items. It will be a constant reminder of summer fun. 

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