Summer Mess Fest Kicks Off at SM City Masinag!

I am the kind of mom who never really worries if my kids get to be messy after a play. After all, you're only a kid once. So let them be. I let them play outside and be dirty. I also believe that the kids learn and develop their skills on a messy play. And I am sure you'll agree with me that summer is the best time to let our kids' little hands busy. That is why let us embrace the mess this summer as SM City Masinag kicks off Summer Mess Fest!

The Summer Mess Fest is a fun, outrageous and messy event for kids of any age. It is composed of different messy stations.

Summer Mess Fest Kicks Off at SM City Masinag

Messy Sands of Fun

A fun learning activity for the kids! They have a messy beach set up with playsets where you can create your own sand castles. This is where my twin boys really get to enjoy being messy to the fullest!

Messy Sands of Fun - SM City Masinag

Messy Splat of Colors

Paint fun colors with your hands with non-toxic coloring materials and be ready to win the paint war!

Messy Splat of Colors - SM City Masinag

Messy Sweet Land

Test your strength to give your opponent a face full of whipped cream or slime and go on a flavor-filled adventure.

Messy Sweet Land - SM City Masinag

Messy Bubble Party

A fun energetic dance party with a burst of colorful powder and giant bubbles.

Messy Slide of Fun

A 15-foot slide landing in bursting colorful balloons with water inside plus a chance to play water guns with friends.

Messy Slide of Fun - SM City Masinag

All the kids also got a chance to dance and party! Watch the dance here.

Summer Mess Fest Kicks Off at SM City Masinag

Summer treats and surprises are up for grabs at the Messiest Bazaar for kids and parents alike. Marison's is also present at the event and provided FREE halo-halo and smoothie to the participants.

Marison's - SM City Masinag!

Summer is definitely fun and messy! Don't forget to bring your kids to SM City Masinag tomorrow (April 29) for another messy and creative day. The Summer Mess Fest will make a stop at SM City Marikina on May 5 & 6 and at SM City San Mateo on May 12, 2018. Don't forget to bring extra clothes/swimwear (believe me, as there will be a lot of water splashes and colors), water shoes or sandals, sunblock, towel, and admission pass.

Summer Mess Fest - SM City Masinag!

This is what it feels like after experiencing Summer Mess Fest! You feel like dancing like one of my twin boys. :D

It is one of the exciting events of SM Supermalls for Everyday is Playday at SM Campaign. See you all there!

SM City Masinag

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