California Getaways

California, the third-largest state in the United States, is absolutely full of great places to explore. With so much ground to cover it can be hard to decide where to even begin. Check out these ideas for great California getaways, or just give a realtor Palm Springs has to offer a call and let the relaxation begin. 

backlit california century city
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Northern Coast

The Bay Area is home to the beautiful city of San Francisco. Known for the Golden Gate Bridge, great hiking, fresh seafood and shopping, there's really something for everyone in San Fran. Additionally, this city is a great hub with access to wine country. Napa Valley is home to rolling hills and thousands of acres of vineyards to explore. The northern region is also home to the state capitol of Sacramento, a bit inland. 

Central Coast

The gorgeous coastline along Highway 1 is famed for its absolutely stunning vistas. Taking a leisurely road trip up and down the coastal towns makes for a great getaway. Along the way, there are bike trails and plenty of spots for hiking for the active travel and spas and bed and breakfasts for those really focused on unwinding. Monterey anchors the region near Carmel-by-the-Sea. This type of trip can also be family friendly with plenty of opportunities to experience nature, wildlife, and museums throughout the area.  

Southern California

This region can feel like a state of its own sometimes. Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and Joshua Tree out in the desert are just a few of the many places to travel from Los Angeles. (Los Angeles on its own could have weeks worth of itineraries itself.) Each of the destinations in Southern California also have their distinct attractions and energies. The mid-century modern aesthetic of Palm Springs is different from the Spanish architecture of Santa Barbara, which are in turn quite different from the desert getaways. With so many great places to choose from, the California getaways can truly be endless.  

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