Eat Your Way Around the World: 3 Vacations for a Foodie


If you love traveling and you love food, why not combine the two to take a vacation that explores and centers around all things food? Think of the types of cuisines you most enjoy eating whether Italian, French, BBQ, Japanese, etc. and decide if you could match it up to a certain country or region of the world and then start planning. Here are three vacations to consider:

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Perhaps one of the top famous destinations in the world, many cities and regions of Italy are certainly famous for their cuisine. Consider booking a culinary vacation Italy where you can learn the authentic making of Neapolitan pizza, create your own homemade pasta with fresh sauces, savor Italian wine and cheeses, or taste test dozens of gelato flavors.


Bon Jour! Make sure to consider a vacation in France where the smells of fresh baking croissants mingle with the velvety chocolate you could eat by the pound. Don’t forget exquisite dishes like coq au vin, beef bourguignon, crepes and more. Whether you stay in the major cities of Paris and Normandy or settle into the countryside of Provence or Avignon, you will enjoy a myriad of flavors and endless wines to complement each dish.

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New Orleans

You do not have to apply for a Passport and fly over the ocean to find an amazing new cuisine to explore on your next vacation. Simply travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to find an amazing mixture of French, Creole, and Cajun cuisines including seafood, gumbo, oysters, muffuletta, beignets, and a whole lot more. There are numerous walking tours and culinary classes available to you in New Orleans.

Now that you have three possible foodie vacations on the horizon, it is time to get planning. Start thinking of all the other fun adventures you can have around food whether the town next to yours, halfway across the country, or across the ocean and around the world. Enjoy!

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