10 Safety Mods for Your Motorcycle

10 Safety Mods for Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity for multiple reasons. While most of the time you can mitigate any issues by improving your riding skills and reflexes, the fact is that you still have to ride out on the road with other cars and bikers, and not every driver drives safely. You can ride your motorcycle cautiously to avert an accident, but you still need safety modifications on your bike for a safer ride.

The right modifications can perform wonders on the bike. Below are 10 safety mods for your motorcycle that are worth considering.

The rundown:

1. New extra loud horn – a loud horn can help alert other drivers that they are in your bubble.

2. OEM motorcycle fairings - Reduce air drag and protect the rider from airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia and of the engine components in the case of an accident.

3. Lights – from underglow to accent lights, LED lights, helmet lights, modulator, and brake light blinker.

4. Swingarm Spool/Sliders – More protection, and they help with maintenance

5. Air Filter – Standard air filters on motorcycles are pretty basic. An upgraded air filter can do wonders in terms of helping a motorcycle engine’s performance.

6. Tire sealant - This slime will spread all over the inside of your tire thanks to centrifugal force, and if you do run over a nail, it magically plugs the hole.

7. Anti-lock brakes - Riders can brake fully without fear of locking up. Anti-lock automatically reduce brake pressure when a lockup is about to occur and increase it again after traction is restored.

8. Lower horsepower - This makes it ideal for new drivers or those who just want a safer commute.

9. Stability control - Accelerating or braking during a turn is a major contributor to motorcycle accidents, but new stability control systems analyze the traction control and lean-angle data to ensure the motorcycle receives only the right amount of power or braking.

10. Windscreen – Get that wind out of your face.

At Bike Bandit, the experts know that safety is important to you. They can help to make sure that your riding experience is as smooth and safe as possible, which is why they offer the best genuine motorcycle parts and accessories for your bike or ATV.

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