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Going plastic-free is not that easy. It takes discipline and several bucks to purchase items without any plastic on it. It's been difficult especially if you are on a family of five with 3 kids to consider. But I have a fair share of my simple ways of helping mother earth. We should start small steps than none at all. That is why it is very important for me to look for easy access to how we can minimize using plastic.

Stumbled upon an online shop named Berde. Berde was launched last April 2018 as a passion project. It wasn't planned at all but it started because the owner wanted to make eco-friendly products accessible and affordable.

This is such a nice idea because I myself was discouraged to try products which are very expensive and it is out of our budget. I can only purchase one straw at a time as it was not a practical buy for us. I can't ditch the fact too of buying on sachets especially if we are on a critical wallet day.

Berde's mission is to make eco-friendly products accessible and affordable. The owner believes that going green shouldn't be expensive. They are also working on other projects that they hope will lessen their waste. They started collecting glass jars and broken mugs that can be used as holders for their straws. They will start to collect tin cans soon to upcycle.


Prices of the products above:

  • Bamboo Toothbrush: Php60
  • Bent/Straight Straws: Php40
  • Milktea Straws: Php50
  • Brush: Php15
  • Pouch: Php25
  • Bamboo Straw: Php25

I know it's super affordable, right? I love the glass milktea straw (because milktea is life!) and it has a pointed tip to easy pinch your drink.


Other details:

  • Plastic-free package. I got the package without any plastics. The owner used old magazines. As for the glass straws, I received them in good condition.
  • Delivery fee for PHP70 (Metro Manila). 
  • Once a week delivery only to lower their carbon emission. They only have one delivery guy so don't expect a next day delivery.
  • Payments can be done thru BPI / Unionbank / BDO. Here's the link to their order form.
  • Other products are soaps and reusable cotton rounds.

Remember, we can always opt not to use plastic anymore. Metal straw or bamboo straw, you can choose not to use a straw at all. These products are our only option if you are really a straw person. There are a lot of simple ways where we can minimize plastics. Going green shouldn’t be expensive. Let’s support and encourage each other to live a sustainable lifestyle that will help our mother earth.

For more information about Berde, like their Facebook and follow them on Instagram

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