My Simple Ways of Helping Our Mother Earth

My Simple Ways of Helping Our Mother Earth

Did you know that in the Philippines (in Metro Manila alone) is generating almost 35,000 tons of solid waste daily? I know that we are used to being convenient with all the disposable trash and plastics, but the earth is the planet that we lived in which suffers the most. Earth Day is celebrated every April but we can still do a plastic free July or any other day. 

We are all guilty of adding into the trash. I know it is hard to give up the convenience as we get thru the day. But by making a small difference, we can do better to minimize our garbage. Listed here are the simple ways or my small contributions of helping our mother earth.

1. Keep small trash. I have this habit of keeping small trash when there is no available trash can. You can also do ecobrickAn ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed solid with non-biological waste to create a reusable building block. Eco-bricks are used to make modular furniture, garden spaces and full-scale buildings such as schools and houses.

2. Use an Eco-bag. Another habit is keeping an eco-bag inside my everyday bag just so in case I'll go shopping I don't need any plastic bag. It is also handy for my wet umbrella (rainy days na kasi) and other things that you might carry or buy after.

Ecoheroes Collapsible Cup & Metal Straw

3. Bring a Collapsible Cup & a Metal Straw. Who brings a cup anywhere? This collapsible cup that I purchased from Ecoheroes PH is the best compact cup that you can bring anywhere. I also bought a metal straw from them because I wanted to help minimize using plastic straws which are being thrown to our rivers and oceans. And with that our marine animals suffer the most. Plastics takes over 450 years to break down into microplastics. Imagine na lang guys, mawawala na tayo sa mundong ibabaw, but the plastics are still here.

4. Recycle Paper. I have a lot of papers from PR's and events I've attended so I recycle them by printing worksheets of my kids at the back of the paper.

5. Go paperless with utility bills. I have this other post on going paperless with PAG-IBIG Housing loan bills.

6. Buy Ukay-Ukay Clothes. Did you know that every year millions of garments are being ditched to landfills? The apparel industry is the second largest industrial polluter in the world. So I often prefer ukay clothes for my way of somehow reducing those landfill of clothes. I am a fan of ukay clothes, just be sure to read my 10 practical tips on scoring ukay finds. We also ditched the fact of buying a lot of clothes. My youngest daughter owned second-hand clothes from her 3 cousins and we only bought a few new pieces for going out. We still need to improve though.

7. Using Cloth Diapers. We've been using cloth diapers since my twin boys and passed it on my youngest daughter. Same as for plastics, disposable diapers will stay on our landfills for 500 years. We still use disposable diapers every night, but by using cloth diapers we are somehow reducing landfill waste, save money and protect our waterways.

8. Packed Lunch. Aside from it is saving me a lot on our money budget, this is also a great way to reduce using disposable utensils and plastics.

9. Join a carpool. Reduce your carbon footprint by 1 pound for every mile when you drive. Good thing I have carpool-mates everyday I go to work and go home after.

11. Conserve water and electric energy. I know this is hard with 3 kids around but I do my part by taking short showers every weekend, reusing the water from the washing the dishes on flushing the toilet and watering the plants. On electric consumption, we are unplugging electric appliances when we are not using them. We also sleep with the lights turn off.

What I am looking forward to using a recyclable sanitary pad (I am not brave yet to use menstrual cups just yet). I was used on using pasador during my highschool days in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. My auntie and grandmother taught me how to do it. I found the IG @periodinstyle who sell recyclable sanitary pads and will update you once I purchase ones. Next is for the soaps, shampoo's, toothpaste and toothbrushes, I already found one online and will update this post soon. There are also available eco-friendly products on BeautyMNL. I will check it out soon. We still have a lot to improve especially our household as I am not always at our house often. But step by step we will get there.

These are actually small changes if only one person is doing it. But we can make a big impact if one of us is doing this one step at a time. I am still challenging myself to be consistent with these simple ways (there are a lot of ways guys!) and do more. Why don't you challenge yourself too?

There is also an ongoing contest for #PlasticFreeChallengePH on IG. Check it out!

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