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How about a KDrama for our 1st post this 2019? I've been behind on posting this as I am still finishing a few of the series I've started watching. And so I decided I'll have them on Vol II instead. I've been hooked and ditched social media as I binged watch over these shows. It makes me happy, giddy, and excited even for a little while as I am going through my hard life. Life was not good for me last year but I am still grateful for whatever happened and it made me stronger. Anyway, this is not supposed to be a sad post. Because of what I've been going thru, KDrama then was my stress reliever and I am not sure if I will ever stop. So here's a review on a summary version of why you should watch these KDrama series. In no particular order.


Oh My Ghost

Plot: Timid Na Bong Sun gets possessed by the ghost of a confident young woman who seeks to solve her one unfinished business by hooking up with Bong Sun's boss, famous chef Kang Sun Woo.

Why You Should Watch It: Na Bong Sun played by Park Bo Young was so good on this series. She looked like she was really possessed by a different person. She was so consistently good. Watched this after Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon and I thought the chemistry with the serious looking chef will not work. But they did well. I honestly loved that this two saved the series from its messy-ghost plot.


Go Back Couple

Plot:  Having married young, when frustration with their lives make Choi Ban Doo and Ma Jin Joo regret their marriage of 18 years, a strange occurrence has them traveling back in time to the day before they met and into their younger selves. 

Why You Should Watch It: What if you can go back to the past, change your destiny and choose over whom you want to spend the rest of your life with? This series has a warm and touching story about husband and wife. I admired Na-Ra Jang's acting here and everytime she cries I have that pinch on my heart. It was also a heartwarming story for all the mothers out there that they can never live without their kids by their side.


W - Two Worlds

Plot: A love story between a couple in their early thirties. It's the story of two people who live in the same era but in different worlds.

Why You Should Watch It: A mind boggling series that when you can't catch up, it will leave you getting confuse. It is on a fast-pace so bawal ang slow! Ha Ha Ha! The writer really played well on this one. I actually asked myself a few times "What the heck just happened?". And kahit natapos na yung series, I still have so many questions in my head.


While You Were Sleeping

Plot: The drama is about a woman (Bae Suzy) which can see accidents that take place in the future through her dreams. A prosecutor (Lee Jong-Suk) struggles to stop the woman's dreams from coming true.

Why You Should Watch It: Another entertaining series with a lot of interconnected characters. I liked how they resolved a few cases that was based on a dream. It was also hard to predict on what will happen next.


Fight For My Way

Plot: Ko Dong Man, a high school Taekwondo champion who is now pursuing a career in the UFC, and Choi Ae Ra, a dynamic girl whose desire is to become a famous announcer, have been best friends since childhood. Now, they have to confront the change in their feelings towards each other as well as overcome difficulties to make their dreams come true.

Why You Should Watch It: One of the Korean series that is close to being realistic. I know some of us have this highschool friend which became our boyfriend/girlfriend, right? I have one back in highschool and I can totally relate to the story, the teasing and all. Nope, we didn't end up together but we are still friends until now. Throughout the series I saw how the characters were build up for each other starting off as close friends and eventually loving each other in the end. I also thought that most millenials will relate to this as it also tackles the hardship of finding that right job that you really love and going thru financial difficulties.


About Time

Plot: Our heroine will have the unfortunate ability to see the "life clocks" of everyone around her, including herself, and the hero will somehow be able to stop her "time" without lifting a finger. This story will follow time that is stopped, extended, and even erased through the love they have for each other.

Why You Should Watch It: See Song-Kyoung Lee sings! She's really good and how her eyes speaks while she sings. I loved her on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and I loved her more on this series. Aside from the main cast singing, I also find the story interesting about time. I remembered that movie of Justin Timberlake, In Time.


Fox Bride Star - Where Stars Land

Plot: Two people overcome ups and downs in their lives to find true romance and make dreams come true at Incheon International Airport.

Why You Should Watch It: I was not suppose to include this on my list but because I already finished it I might as well put it. I have expectation from this knowing the girl who played robot from I Am Not A Robot. Well, I liked her on that series. But the plot, characters and acting are so off. The only reason I watch this is because of the 2 Filipino actors who were included on one of the episodes. I was curious up to the last episode but I regretted on why I even started watching it. Skipped to Episode 7 & 8 to watch our very own Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young played as husband and wife.


Plot: Dokkaebi (Gong Yoo) needs a human bride to end his immortal life. Meanwhile, the Angel of Death has amnesia. Somehow these two meet and live together. They see off those who have passed away and are now leaving this world. 

Why You Should Watch It: One of those series that literally made me tear up! I regretted not watching this when everyone is watching it. But I am glad I finally did and my heart still breaks whenever I remember their love story.


Terius Behind Me

Plot: Go Ae Rin suddenly loses her husband. A mysterious man, Kim Bon, lives next door. Kim Bon is a legendary NIS agent. He helps Ae Rin uncover a conspiracy, which husband became involved with. 

Why You Should Watch It: A funny spy series with a little love story on the side. I also found a little fondness over the serious Ji-seob So so I'll watch him on Oh My Venus too.

Hope this list will help you look for something to watch for. And if you have any suggestions for me, please comment them down below. 

You can download VIU and Netflix so you can watch these Korean series.

*Plots taken from IMDB

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