Happy 5th Birthday to my Twinboys!


I can still remember the day after my very first ultrasound that I am having twins. I was shocked! Imagine me, a petite girl having twins, of all people. After that initial reaction there were mixed feelings of everything. How can a 4’11” girl with small build deliver twins?

I was a first time mom with not one but to two babies! I rely mostly on the internet on all about twins. I almost knew everything. Until the unexpected day that its not the day yet. I was on labor for 3 consecutive days with no water and food. Then my OB decided on the 4th day that we do a ceasarean delivery because the small twin had a weak hearbeat. It was a successful operation but my two babies need to stay at the hospital for a few more days for monitoring.

Back then, I cried my heart out going home without the two of you in my arms. 

I have those days where I am surprised that I have twins. I can clearly remember those days. Feeding you two was the hardest because I need to wake the other one to have you both on schedule. We don’t want to end up not sleeping. I also didn’t enjoy giving you two a bath because I’m always afraid. I was not able to try babywear too as I can’t figure out how to do it with twins with a small build like me. And the list would go on and on.

People are still confuse on who’s who. That is why we are now practicing not to wear the same clothes anymore because you two have different personalities. I know we are still trying to figure out things but we are getting there. One at a time. 

Today, I am still in awe on how I got to be a mom of twins! I can’t believe that I actually carried the two of you in my womb for 9 months (well not exactly but almost). 

Those sleepless nights are worth it. And today you two are celebrating your 5th year in this world and I couldn’t be more happier!

Happy 5th Birthday to my two dear boys! We love you!

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