To My Kids: #GoTheExtraSmile and Be Hapee!

It's Saturday, for me as a full-time working mom, this is my favorite day as I have more time to spend with the kids. They are all fast asleep at 2PM as I am writing this. As I watched them sleep, realizations of motherhood keep pouring down on me. Everything (work, blog, and parenting) had been difficult for me these past few months. I kept trying to be the best when in reality, I cannot. I forgot what matters most, my kids. 


Parent's job is never an easy thing. It is the hardest job ever. We need to make sure that we are giving the best to our kids. We worked hard and give everything that they need when in fact the only thing that they need is us, our time above anything else.

I always questioned myself if I am indeed providing the best to my kids. I made things harder and learned the hard way. I know it gets overwhelming and stressful but nothing can stop me in believing that I can do the best for them to #GoTheExtraSmile. Here I pledge that aside from keeping my three kids healthy and safe, I will give my very best and most of my time to make the three of them Hapee.

To My Kids: We Will Watch Movies Together (We'll watch the new Spiderman movie as I know how much you 2 boys go crazy over him)


To My Kids: I'll Let You See Your Favorite Cartoon Character (even if for a zillion times more!)


To My Kids: We Will Go Out and See The Ocean as Often as Possible (I know how much you love the sea!)


To My Kids: We Will Play Dress-Up Together (I'll let you be Spiderman/Superman for the 100th time!)


To My Kids: We Will Play Together (even if it drains my energy to go after you running here & there)


To My Kids: We Will Do Things Together (will try my very best to save for us to travel even locally)


To My Kids: We Will Eat Ice Cream Together (will worry less if you get messy after)


To My Kids: We Will #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime (to protect your teeth from eating ice cream or too much sweets) and #GoTheExtraSmile!


Watch the video below as #TeamKramer #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime for their 3 kids with Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste! It has 1,000ppm fluoride to protect your child’s teeth against tooth decay from too much sweets.

To My Kids: We Will Make Surprises (even if its little surprises)


To My Kids: We Will Eat Together (even if its goodbye moolah for mama)


To My Kids: We Will Take Loads of Pictures Together (even if you take much space on my iPhone)


To My Kids: I Will Let You Play & Have Mess (you are only young once so I'll let you be)


To My Kids: We Will Discover New Things Together (we'll see more animals hopefully soon)


To My Kids: We Will See More Fishes (I know how much you love fishes!)

To my Kuya Deus, Kuya Eros, and little Chinita, even if this parenting is hard, you are the most amazing things that ever happened to me so I'll do anything for the three of you.


We will create great memories and #GoTheExtraSmile and be Hapee together and I hope you'll all cherish them as you grow older. Love you to the moon and back! <3<3<3

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