7 Small Acts of Charity That Can Make a Big Difference

Philanthropy is not just for the rich. The positivity that you share with the world is always paid back. Whether you believe in Karma or not, you can always take small steps towards helping other people. Here are some ways in which you can take a small step to a big act of kindness.
Promoting a Small Business or Cause
Sometimes all you need to do to be charitable is hit the “share” button. Local businesses have to fight hard against large companies. You can help tip the scales in this David and Goliath battle by promoting the local small business. By following their social media page and sharing their promotions, you can make the small businesses relevant. The same applies to causes. If you see a cause worth promoting, share them over your social media pages.
Contribute to Charity Drives
There are many kinds of charity drives organised by different organisations. From food donation to clothes donation drives, you can help contribute to all of them. The first way to help charity drives is obviously by donating. But you do not have to donate if you cannot afford to. You can simply volunteer to help out during the drives. Charities always welcome a helping hand, so any kind of volunteering task you can take care of will surely help.
Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
Animal shelters can be a very sad place to be. With sick and sad animals, you might think that the environment will be too depressing for you to have an impact. But when you volunteer at an animal shelter, you end up giving love to an animal that has been cruelly deprived of it. You will be able to see happy tail wags and hear happy purrs when you volunteer at a shelter.
Donate Blood
Blood donation does not need you to stretch your finances. When you donate blood, you are helping out 5 different people. While the process can be a little scary for some, it ends up saving many lives.
Donate Hair
Many people buy lace front wigs made of human hair for various reasons. Cancer patients buy lace front wigs made of human hair due to hair-loss caused by chemotherapy. The lace front wigs made of human hair can be very expensive. There are charities, like Locks of Love, that take hair donation to make wigs for cancer patients and survivors. By taking care of your hair and donating it, you can help reduce the financial burden of a cancer patient.
Become a Foster Parent
Many children do not get the comfort of a safe home and a loving family. Foster children are usually put in foster care for a short span of time during which the family conflict is being resolved. There is always a shortage of people willing to open their homes to foster children. By learning all you can about foster care, you can choose to change the life of a child by becoming a foster parent.
Sign Up for Organ Donation
Many people wait for years for organ donation. By becoming a donor, you do not have to part with your organs immediately. You will be given a card to carry which entitles your organs to be donated once you die. As an organ donor, you continue to contribute to charity even after death.

To be charitable you do not need to throw money at charities, you can contribute to charity in your own small ways.

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