Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints

Lip tints are a must-have for me nowadays as I don't have the luxury and time to be still at the mirror and apply makeup on. After putting on my moisturizer, put on a cheek and lip tint and tada, I am ready! You'll understand why when you become a mom. :)

Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints

Received these Pixie Dust Cheek Blush and Lip Tints a few days ago and it will be a great addition to my initial lip tints.

Skip your lipsticks and try a more natural looking lip tints with Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints!

  •  100% Organic
  •  Cruelty-free
  •  No bitter taste
  •  Gel-based tint
  •  Long lasting since it is gel-based

Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints

Available in 8 magical fruity shades:
  • Apple Mist in Red
  • Cherry Berry in Dark Red
  • Jelly Plum in Dark Violet
  • Happy Orange in Orange
  • Peachy Puff in Light Orange
  • Strawberry Dash in Pink
  • Sugar Grape in Violet
  • Watermelon Sparkle in Red Pink

I got three different shades which are Jerry Plum in dark violet, Sugar Grape in Violet, and Watermelon Sparkle in red pink.

Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints

Each lip tints has a sweet smell, helps moisturize the lips, and can last up to 3-4 hrs. The colors are very pigmented so I just apply a small amount to my inner lips upper and lower, press them together to blend and create an ombre effect. I don't usually go full on my lips when using lip tints. Each tube costs PHP150.

Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints - Watermelon Sparkle

Jerry Plum and Sugar Grape are a little too dark for me. I want a natural looking one for a lip tint so I really prefer the Watermelon Sparkle among the 3. Above is the Watermelon Sparkle on my lips with natural light and unedited image of me from an iPhone.

I also made a video challenge of full face makeup using lip tints only! Watch it below:

For more information about Pixie Dust Cheek Blush & Lip Tints, follow Pixie Dust on FB and IG: @pixiedustdvo.

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