Makeup and Skincare in One! Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream Review

Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream Review

Would you believe that I only started using BB Cream a few months ago? I know right? Better late than never! When I vowed to take care of my skin this year, my priorities goes all out to skincare rather than makeups. And because BB Cream has a lot of benefits to our skin, I am now joining the bandwagon. The very first BB Cream that I tried is from Pond's Age Miracle. 

Product Description & Claims

Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream gives you a Flawless Natural Look. It's make-up and skincare in one! It conceals signs of aging while helping to reduce wrinkles. It also has SPF 30 PA++ to protect skin from harmful UV rays, to prevent further aging damage to your skin.  

Formula oxidizes to adapt to all skin tones; sheer, buildable, natural-looking coverage; conceals spots, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles; effectively lightens dark pigments with GenActive ingredient; nourishes skin like a moisturizer; provides UVA/UVB protection with SPF30.

Helps provide effortless natural bare-faced look!

Price and Packaging

Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream costs PHP499 on a tube, 25g. It is on light beige color.

Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream Review
My kids won't let me take this picture if those cars are not included! Ha Ha Ha!

Directions For Use

Apply evenly all over your face with a brush, sponge, or your fingers. Color builds with each application from a sheer finish to medium coverage.

See the difference below on the Before and After pics.

Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream Review
A very small amount is needed and it is enough for the coverage of your face. I say that this product is a steal as it will take me a long time to finish one tube!

See how it covers the fine lines?

My Thoughts and Impressions

Will I repurchase? Definitely! I am so impressed with this product that I don't mind using it everyday. It is non greasy, blends easily and quickly absorbs on my skin. It has a nice smell too! Result is a fine matte and glowing skin. The consistency is water-based making it easier to use. Using this takes me to the next level as I don't need any foundation powder anymore but because I have a combination of oily skin, I still need to retouch after a few hours. With its great benefits, I prefer to use this now than a foundation. Amazing coverage and looks natural! Additional points too on the high SPF, anti-aging, and wrinkle smoothening effect.

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