Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp: A ‘Sunny Playtime’ with Iya and Primo Arellano

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

When I got pregnant with my first two boys, I never used any perfumes ever. I am not really a perfume kind of girl and would be opted with a cologne instead. Bambini cologne is known for many years and I remembered it as one of the affordable colognes that high school guys can have. So one fine weekend, I was invited to join the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp as they unveil their newest ambassadors. I brought my youngest baby girl with me and even though she is a bit young for the activities, she did actually enjoyed running around and trying everything she sees.

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

The wonderful kiddie event transformed the venue into a wonderland of fun games and activities for kids, including a ball pit, a bouncy castle, giant puzzle blocks and a larger-than-life coloring book, where guests and their children could bond and enjoy the little surprises the activities bring out. 

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

For a perfect mom-and-baby playtime, Iya and Primo were introduced to be the newest ambassador of Bambini Baby Cologne and recently joined toddlers and their parents for the official unveiling of the new Bambini Baby Cologne at Glorietta 3 Activity Center. 

Iya Villania and Baby Primo as the newest ambassadors of Bambini Baby Cologne

Celebrity mom IyaVillania-Arellano admits she has forgotten how relatively easy her daily routines were before Baby Primo arrived. “I’m not sure how I balance my career with being a mom and a wife; it just happens!” she beams.

“When you know what's important and what you need to get done, then you make it happen. It's important that I list things down so I don't forget. I really need to put things down on my calendar even if its date night with Drew or a playdate for Primo.”

Iya Villania as the newest ambassador of Bambini Baby Cologne

It’s no wonder why Iya was the natural choice of Cosmetique Asia, the makers of Bambini Baby Cologne, to be its newest endorser, together with Primo. Bambini Baby Cologne underwent a brand refresh with a new look guaranteed to appeal to the young ones.

“We love Sunny Playtime. It's just the scent I prefer on Primo. It has a nice, mild, yummy scent that makes Primo nakakagigil even more! I also love how playful and inviting the packaging is. We actually have to hide the bottles from Primo because he likes to point to the mom and baby animals on the sticker front, then open the bottle to put some cologne on. Baka maligo na sa cologne eh,” Iya laughs.

For Iya, as with all working moms, the greatest challenge is to be there for her child “every moment he does something new or silly” and wanting to be there to witness it. And adding to the challenge and excitement is her announcement of having another baby boy.“Primo doesn't really understand that yet so we're enjoying him as he is for now. When he starts to get curious with my growing belly, then we'll start explaining,” she shares.

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

Inspired by mom-and-child bonding activities and fun elements of nature, the new and improved Bambini Baby Cologne features five new scents: the floral and sweet “Morning Tickles,” the calming “Starry Lullaby,” the clean and breezy “Ocean Kisses,” the cottony fresh “Cotton Cuddles,” and — Iya and Primo’s favorite — the citrusy and fun “Sunny Playtime.”

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

As Bambini relaunches with a new product for babies and kids, it hopes to be a part of every parent and child’s small moments and big adventures. Available in three sizes — 25ml, 50ml and 125ml — and packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle, the Bambini Baby Cologne lets parents and children enjoy life’s little surprises anytime, anywhere.

I actually love all the scent and so excited for my kids to use these as they are super active and that they will still smell like a baby for me! But if I am to choose, I'll go with Morning Tickles and Sunny Playtime. So what are your Bambini Cologne favorites?

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