Toni Gonzaga and Baby Seve #ChoosePampers for Less Lawlaw Go Galaw Mornings

Toni Gonzaga - Soriano and Baby Seve Are Now Part of Pampers Family

There are a few things you can't learn by perusing a book. With regards to having an infant, you won't generally recognize what's in store until you're really profound into the trenches of parenthood.

While some days tend to get pretty overwhelming, it's vital for mothers to realize that they are not the only one. During Toni’s launch as Pampers endorser on January 27 at the Grand Baby Fair held in SM Megamall, award-winning, multi-talented artist and first-time mommy, Toni Gonzaga shared that when she and spouse Paul Soriano discovered they were expecting their first child, they were both extremely overwhelmed. “We were very excited but also a bit worried coming into parenthood for the first time. Like many first-time moms, I am constantly questioning if my choices are meeting all of his needs.” she shares.

Toni Gonzaga - Soriano and Baby Seve Are Now Part of Pampers Family

Since babies are not able to say what they want in their earlier stages, mothers are most worried about giving just the best decisions to their children. For Toni, it was particularly important to be more careful and discerning when it comes to choosing the right diaper. “Diapers are a baby’s first clothes, and something they wear throughout the whole day. I want Seve to be as comfortable as possible—which is why choosing the right diaper was so important to me. In fact, I can honestly say that choosing the right diaper was one of the best things I did for him. At first, I thought all diapers were the same but now that I’ve seen Pampers’ technology, I’m so glad I made the right choice!”

Toni Gonzaga - Soriano and Baby Seve Are Now Part of Pampers Family

The most widely recognized dissension mothers have with regards to this regular child basic is its the inclination to droop. Listing is caused by wetness amassing in only one spot of the diaper. For most moms, a lawlaw diaper means parents have to worry about wetness and leaks, as well as change the diaper more often. All the more critically, a lawlaw diaper additionally implies that infants' development is controlled and can be awkward. And freedom of movement is critical in the development of gross motor skills like crawling and walking.

Toni Gonzaga - Soriano and Baby Seve Are Now Part of Pampers Family

Choosing Pampers, Toni learned that not all diapers are built equally. The new Pampers Baby Dry, with its enchantment gel channels, can retain wetness equitably and appropriate it all through the entire diaper. This technology still offers Pampers overnight dryness but makes the diaper thinner and drier, putting an end to lawlaw – so babies are ready to go galaw as soon as they wake up in the morning!

Toni Gonzaga - Soriano and Baby Seve Are Now Part of Pampers Family

Pampers Philippines has announced that they will be releasing this new and improved Baby Dry in the coming months. Akhil Meshram, Pampers Philippines Brand Manager says “At Pampers, we aim to bring the best possible products to you and your baby. We will be upgrading our products to solve mom’s biggest diaper frustration – lawlaw. Our diapers will be even drier and faster absorbing, providing better value for our moms. This also means a better fit and more freedom of movement for babies. We are excited to be working with Toni Gonzaga because, like us, she believes that babies deserve the best care available.”

Toni Gonzaga - Soriano and Baby Seve Are Now Part of Pampers Family

Though the choices for your babies can become overwhelming, overcoming this challenge starts by knowing that as a mom, you have options. You don’t have to do one thing just because everyone says so. “The best advice I got came from my mother,” Toni adds. “She said that every baby is different. Me and my baby will have a system of our own,” Toni explains. “It’s very important that moms do their own research! I was lucky that for one of the most important things for Seve, his diapers, I got it right!”


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