How I Save For My 2nd Pregnancy

How I Save For My 2nd Pregnancy

Hello! How's everyone! Finally a blog post! The twins are asleep and I am breastfeeding my baby girl while I'm typing this. Yes, the struggle is real mga bes! Well its been more than a month since the last update on this blog and it felt like a year already! I have a lot of stories to tell but having 3 kids now, it was really hard to cope up. And besides I really want to slow things down and enjoy each moment that I have with my kids. So please follow me na lang muna on Instagram and Facebook for more updates okie?  To start up here's a post for February on how I save for my 2nd pregnancy. I know a lot of mommies will agree with me that being pregnant is financially difficult. How much costly it is really to gave birth nowadays? And adding to that is how much it is more when raising them? I hate math so I don't want to compute a lot of numbers here but I'll show you some facts, benefits and how I save during my 2nd pregnancy.

It was totally different before when I was pregnant with my twins where we need to shell out a large amount of money, having a singleton pregnancy recently, everything was easier. It was also a blessing when my company was acquainted to a bigger company thus the more favorable benefits when it comes to parents like me. Moms and moms to be should always be aware of our benefits and make the best out of them to ease the financial burden.

Work Benefits
- Company Benefit -
The large expenses was shouldered by my company when I delivered my baby. Not a lot of companies that I know of have maternity benefits. They shouldered almost 100% of my hospital expenses except my baby's expenses. I am also paid all-throughout my maternity leave. That's a lot of savings, might tell you.

- SSS Maternity Benefit -
Aside from the company benefit, I also got the SSS Maternity Benefit. The maternity benefit is a daily cash allowance granted to a female member who was unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage. As of the moment, I only got my MAT1 and will get my MAT2 as soon as I send my requirements. 

- Phil-health Benefit -
Usually, accredited Hospitals will deduct a portion from the hospital bills including that of your child if you are a member of Phil-health. Just present necessary requirements like MDR and Claim Form to avail them.

- 13th Month Pay -
The 13th month pay that I received was also a big help in terms of the expenses after delivery. It depends if what month you delivery date will fall off. In my case, my due was the end of January so I was able to  save for atleast half of my bonus.

- Tax Refund -
Same as for my bonus, I saved almost the whole amount of my Tax Refund for after delivery expenses.

After delivering the baby, the expenses will not stop there. Below are some of the things where I was able to save and will continue to do so.

When Baby is out
- Ask for help -
I am so lucky to received a lot of help from my mom and my MIL. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask for it especially if you don't have a budget to pay for a househelp.

- Second hand clothes -
Another chunk of savings are from the second hand clothes. Before being pregnant with my twins, I already got a bunch of nieces and nephews from my brother and cousins. I inherited most of the baby clothes from them. Plus, mom was able to keep some of my old clothes.

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- Breastfeeding -
A large amount of money for new moms is allotted for the milk. Thank God for the natural gift of mothers, which is breast-milk. We are exclusively breastfeeding and I do hope that we can continue it until I get back to work.

- Cloth Diapering -
We are not starting this yet because we still have a stash of free diapers. We just started to used the traditional lampins for an alternate.

Here are other ways that I can think of on how to save. Examples below are optional for you. You can actually get a part time job while you are on maternity leave to add later to the household expenses like the utility bills or in my case the internet. 

- Blogging -
Blogging gave me a lot of opportunities like saving a few bucks to buy for not-so-important expenses like shopping. It is also a therapy while I'm staying at home most of the time. I don't received big amounts like other famous bloggers, but I was able to save a few items because of this site.

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- Save Coins -
While saving for pregnancy, I didn't ditch my routine of saving 5 and 10 peso coins. At the end of the year or before my delivery date, I was able to save an amount for my BDO UITF which I will not worry about in a month or two while I am on leave.

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- Get Crafty -
When we finally get to know that my last baby is finally a girl, I get crafty on making her unique items instead of buying them on the mall which may cost more.

Can you imagine how much savings I got with all these benefits and tips? For me being the sole breadwinner of our family, it was really a huge amount and will definitely last us up until I get back to work.

I know that having a baby is the most precious thing in the world but it also comes with a price tag. For some, saving is still a choice with a little financial planning and budget stretching, you don't need to worry much on the expenses that little of bundle may bring. 

What other saving tips can you provide for pregnant moms?

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