Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Filipino Food for Travellers

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Filipino Food for Travellers

This was a long overdue post. Z Hostel is the first luxury hostel in the Philippines. Hostel according to Wiki is "Provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge, and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, although private rooms may also be available." But on this post I will not talk about the accommodation ( I will have that on future post) but about the menus they have at their Bar & Cafe. I am still looking for the other pictures that is on my DSLR that is not yet transferred. Boo! That is why I always prefer my Iphone to take pictures, its much easier for me to transfer pics. 

Back to the main topic, Z Hostel Bar & Cafe has a Filipino theme to cater to most of their tourist or backpackers customers. They offers mostly Filipino dishes. It's a great way to introduce our food to foreigners who get to visit us.

The Cafe's theme is on a Filipino Vibe with banig as their backdrop and capiz lights.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Filipino Food for Travellers

We were served with their Filipino dishes bestsellers. We had the Chicken Adobo Flakes served with garlic rice and egg, tomato salad. Among the others, this is my favorite. The flakes is really tasty and yummy.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Chicken Adobo Flakes
Chicken Adobo Flakes P140

Their sizzling sisig was  served on a sizzling plate and just have the right amount of spiciness.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Sizzling Sisig
Sizzling Sisig P180

We also had Sinigang na Baka with generous amount of vegetables.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Sinigang na Baka
Sinigang na Baka P300

Tokwa't Baboy is a good addition either you are eating your dinner or having a beer.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Tokwa't Baboy
Tokwa't Baboy P150

Bagnet with KBL is another must try dish if you may ask me. Best eaten with KBL (Kamatis, Bagoong & Lasona). Don't forget your rice because I'm sure you will eat a lot of those.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Bagnet with KBL
Bagnet with KBL P140

After a good sumptuous meal, we tried their Z Blend Coffee. I had a cup of Brewed Coffee.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Brewed Coffee
Brewed Coffee P50

For our other companion, she tried Cappuccino with the letter Z foam on top. How cute!

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Cappuccino
Cappuccino P80

They also offers other drinks such as Red and White wine on tubes and local beers.

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Beers and Drinks

Did I also mention that their burgers are delicious? My partner appoved of it, I had it for take out!

Located at the second floor are more chairs where you can chill, relax and play beer pong!

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe: Filipino Food for Travellers

This is not your typical hostel with dorm rooms, you haven't seen the roof-deck yet where you can party till dawn! Z Hostel is definitely one of the places that you can recommend to your foreigner friends. 

Z Hostel
5660 Don Pedro Street, 
Makati City

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