26 Weekly Money Challenge (Reversed)

26 Weekly Money Challenge (Reversed)

I've been ignoring the 52 Weekly Challenge since it became popular. First, because I think I can't add an amount religiously (my income is fixed). Second, I have a savings account plus 2 junior savers for the twins and an insurance, which I considers my savings. Lastly, because I'm just lazy! (specifically adding an exact amount every week) Ha! Ha! Ha!

And why now? Because it's New Year, a brand new day to start anything (masabi lang!). Seriously, it is because I have these 2016 Goals that I really need to push myself hard on saving. So instead of doing the standard 52 Weekly Money Challenge where you save the lowest amount on the 1st day, I'm doing mine reversely and on 26 weeks only. I got the idea from Pinas For Good. I started the challenge last December 30, 2015 (where I still have an extra from my 13th month pay) with P1,300 pesos. I will do it 2 times a month (15th & the end of the month) because that is the time that I get paid. Then as the week goes on, the amount will decrease to 50 pesos. I think this will also work for some people who are in the mood of saving beforehand. At-least at the end of this when you are too lazy to save na, it will not be hard because it is just a small amount na lang at the end of the challenge. Let's see if it will work for me.

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So in able to attain this, I have rules. Hah! First, the money from this challenge will go directly to my savings account. Second, the 10% off that I am deducting on-hand from my salary will not be included (deposits for the twins' savings, insurance and uitf will also be excluded). The money that I'll save will be an addition to my emergency fund. Lastly, stick to the plan! Easy rules! Hoping to finish this with no hassle!

Let's get it on!

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