Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

Its my 2nd year to the biggest business-blogger event. I planned to go home early but I stayed to finished the entire program just to experience it.

Well how did it go? Its not how I expected it to be but I still enjoyed it. Some of the brands are also present last year. But what I love the most was I interacted more on meeting bloggers, organizers and celebrities! I saw familiar faces and new ones too.

This year's theme is seasons. The brands are divided into 4 sections: winter, spring, summer & autumn. 

So here are my favorite booths:

  • I Am Cardboard PH - The coolest Virtual Kit ever! I was able to try it and it was so awesome! I wish I can hear the sounds though, there was a loud music on the event so I was not able to hear anything on the scary horror house! I Am Cardboard PH makes Virtual Reality accessible to the mass market by providing VR headsets based on the successful Google Cardboard template. I wanted to have one but don't have an extra cash in hand.
Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

  • Chips Delight - They have this Christmassy design at the winter section. And who is not game with taking pictures with Santa Claus?
Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

  • Fruit Tea - I think they have the jam-packed booth! Aside from having your picture taken on their photo-booth, you can also choose from their different flavors of Fruit Tea. You can also line up for your caricature! Lucky me, I was able to get one. Kudos to the 3 caricature artist, that's not an easy job! And thank you for the free coffee!

Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

  • UNICEF - As a mom myself, their program to fight hunger for the first 1,000 days of a child is very important for me. Research confirms that good nutrition in the early years of life is crucial for human growth and mental development. This is the time that I wish I have a credit card. If you wish to help donate monthly please visit this page.
Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

  • Amadas Leche Flan - Homemade Leche Flan! The sweetest thing ever! Sarap!
Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

  • Manong's Lechon Cebu - Ang sarap neto promise! No need for sauce! I will have a separate post about it and post more pictures soon.
Manong's Lechon Cebu

  • JB Music - They invited Rivermaya, Kamikaze & Urbandub to have a photo-shoot with the bloggers! I was not able to have a picture with the whole band Kamikaze but I snapped a selfie with Jay! I was so happy! And when Urbandub came, I lined up and was lucky to have a photo-op!
Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    Other booths that I visited:

    • Beat Stress Lactium - Who is not stress nowadays? They gave out Beat Stress Lactium tablets and you can take a test on what level is your stress is.

    • Curves - They gave me one month free pass! And they have a branch in Eastwood. Am I excited? Ha Ha Ha! Kelangan ko na nga daw kasi mag exercise talaga! I'll also blog my experience here soon.

    • Chemworld Fragrance Factory - I played shooting the ball but no luck. I was given a flyer where you will have a free perfume bottle once you visit their store.
      Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    • Regrow - Pregoe - I was glad that my hair is healthy. Their staff is so accommodating and she checked my hair and explained that my hair is healthy. They gave me a sample which I am still trying to figure out if I can use it.
    Regrow - Pregoe

    • Emporia - Is an online store where you can find all the Instagram stores for an affordable price. Its a one stop shop for all the individual sellers. Too bad that I lost their voucher! You can download it on Android.

    Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    • SOGO - I got some discounts too and key-chain.
    Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    • Victoria Court - Played a game for unlocking the keys but again I didn't win. I got 2 (25%) off card. Though I am really excited with their upcoming Halloween event that they are tied up with Outbreak Manila.
    Victoria Court

    • Microtel By Wyndham - I got 50% Off discounts.
    Microtel By Wyndham

    • Flawless - They have a mini golf game which I didn't win again. I got a 500 voucher with minimum purchase of P2,000. 

    • The Diff - They customize phone cases. They also have a lot of designs that you can choose from.
    Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    The Diff

    • Foodpanda - Again I was not able to download it, so I just gave my calling card and they gave me a 100 off card when you use them for food delivery. I was not able to play too. :( Many thanks to their mascot Panda who made me feel happy! Can you tell that he is Bogart? (according to Chris Urbano)
    • A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on
    • Lloop - This one is an app where you can see what your profile is tackling. Like for example your Facebook, you will be able to see what are your most interest by what you likes and commented on. I tried adding the widget on the right hand side of my blog but its not working.

    • Financial Books - I met Dr Marnie Moya-Prudencio, author of the books "How To Be A Money-Smart Parent" & "The Best Investment". She was with his son (who is on the cover of her books) who is already learning how to save at such a young age!
    Money Smart Kid

    • Cashflow - There was also a booth for Robert Kiyosaki's popular game Cashflow. I was not able to play it though I am really eager to. I stand there staring at their banner but no one is approaching me. Sad.

    • Grand Videoke - The most lively of all the booths. They allow bloggers to sing and their mascot is also dancing together with their sexy dancers.
    Grand Videoke

    • VOffice

    • Snipe

    • Ginhawa Spa & Dining
    Ginhawa Spa & Dining

    • John Robert Powers
    John Robert Powers

    • Gaming Library
    Gaming Library

    Gaming Library

    • Breville

    • Bambu

    • 1Esplanade

    • Mobkard 

    • Cebu Pacific
    Cebu Pacific Travel Kit

    • SMDC

    Freebies, Brochures, Pictures etc!!!!

    Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    I don't have much to review this time aside from the other booths that have a contest on their products. So I wanted to go to every booth as much as I can. I still have a lot of my calling cards left. I got really hungry and there are no other food options. Buti na lang may Chips Delight at Fruit Tea! I ended up sitting on the floor too because the seats are limited on the stage. I stayed all throughout the program for the raffles but I don't have the energy anymore to join the contest. My feet and shoulders are aching. It was a fun to watch the competitive bloggers flocking in-front of the stage for the contest. Swerte ng mga nanalo! Congrats! I was waiting for the raffle or contest for the ID's. I think there is this code at the back side of the ID for the raffle and then you need to have the booths signed on the back but there's none.

    But as the saying goes “Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” - Proverb, there are moments that I still enjoyed that day. I met a lot of bloggers!

    Jen of Its Mommy Jen - sobrang kulang ang isang araw sa chikahan :)
    and mommies from Mommy Bloggers Philippines

    Mommy Bloggers Philippines

    I also met a lot of familiar faces & celebrities! I got pictures with:

    Vince Golangco
     Chris of Maputing Cooking
    Maxene Magalona
    Jay of Kamikaze
    Kian Kazemi of PBB

    Please see my Instagram Feed on the right hand side of my blog for more pictures. :)

    Aside from all the brands and speakers where we learned about what is #ResponsibleMedia is, we were entertained by Comedy Cartel with their comedic tactics. Thanks to Duanne the 2nd, Michelle Defensor & Chip!

    Blogapalooza Seasons 2015

    There's always room for improvement, but nevertheless I still love you Blogapalooza!
    Thank you to all the organizers! See you all again next year!

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