A Taste of Japan: Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

A Taste of Japan: Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

It's really easy now to crave for international food because a lot of establishment are sprouting everywhere. No need to ride a plane just to taste their authentic cuisines. If you go to SM Megamall, there are several international food joints that you can choose from. And just recently I discovered Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant.

A Taste of Japan: Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

Rosanjin was opened in SM Megamall by a food hobbyist who is also a business man himself. It has been established since the year 2014. They received an inspiration from Kitaohji Rosanjin who is famous as a potter, painter, chef, and  gourmet. They are particular about not only the menu but also interior decoration, kitchen & tableware, service in detail.

A Taste of Japan: Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

They have a simple interiors that depicts Japanese. On the wall are painted sakura flowers while on the other side is a simple black and white windows with lamps. On the top center are red umbrellas that is called "wagasa".

Rosanjin Tofu Salad
Tofu Salad: Sweet Sour Sesame Flavored Dressing P200.00

First served was the appetizers Tofu Salad and Kani Salad. By the taste of it I can't wait to indulge more on their menu!

Rosanjin Kani Salad
Kani Salad: Japanese Mayonnaise Dressing P280.00

Don't leave the place without trying their specialty, "Tobanyaki"  and "Kaminabe". Tobanyaki is the traditional art of cooking in Japan that uses earthenware called "Toban". It is possible to cook inside well without burning surface because the temperature of surface with inside is small difference when cook by iron plate. This has several advantages  such as odor eliminating effect and negative ion.

A Taste of Japan: Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

Say hello to the beautiful dishes! They are calling me!

A Taste of Japan: Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

The dishes served was all raw and will be cooked right in front of you for 7 to 10 minutes.

TOBANYAKI Australian Rib Steak
TOBANYAKI Australian Rib Steak: Juicy and Super Soft Beef Steak P380.00

The Australian Rib Steak was simply seasoned and even without the sauce, the taste of the beef really come out. The beef is juicy and soft. My favorite among the dishes.

TOBANYAKI Chicken Cheeseyaki
TOBANYAKI Chicken Cheeseyaki: Chicken Thigh with 2 kinds cheese

Chicken Cheeseyaki is my next favorite. The cheese added complements on the soft chicken which is familiar to the taste of cordon bleu. Though cooked on a very limited time, it was still tasty.

TOBANYAKI Salmon Butteryaki
TOBANYAKI Salmon Butteryaki: Norwegian Salmon with butter and soy sauce P280.00

Salmon Butteryaki is a Norwegian Salmon with butter and soy sauce that is lying on top of onions with lemons in between. The salmons are really fresh. The onions and lemons was a healthy addition to the freshness taste of the salmon. You can really taste the lemon on it and it was really good.

On the other hand, Kaminabe is the art of cooking that uses Japanese paper as a pot. Yes you heard me right, a paper as a pot. The origin started from 200 years ago, they warm Japanese sake and cook tofu by Kaminabe. The Japanese paper is traditional craft and made from mulberry tree, paperbush, ganpi which is type of tree. One of the unique things about washi is that the fibres are left long and uncut.

I am just amazed when I saw that the paper is not burning. Why does the paper doesn't burn, you may ask? The ignition temperature of paper is around 300 degrees. But water(soup) inside of Kaminabe get heat so the temperature of paper will not be above 100 degrees. That is to say , Kaminabe is art of cooking applied heat conduction. So the paper is normal. The taste will be delicate and healthy because the paper absorbs the oil and scum from material. Wow I learned something new!

Sukiyaki KAMINABE: Soy Sauce and Lemon Flavored Soup P350 (Regular), P1,000 (Big)

Sukiyaki Kaminabe is a soup based that is flavored with soy sauce and lemon. A combination of sweetness and with slightly bitter taste. It has cuts of beef that is tender and soft. According to my fellow bloggers, they like this best and suggested that it is good for kids.

Seafood KAMINABE: Soy Sauce Base Soup, Shrimp, Scallop, Buri P400 (1-2 persons), P1,000 (3-4 persons)

Seafood Kaminabe has a soup that is sweet with a little spicy on it. A lot of seafood varieties namely shrimps, scallops and buri.

Shrimp KAMINABE: Miso and Shrimp Soup P400 (1-2 persons), P1,000 (3-4 persons)

Shrimp Kaminabe has a soup that is sweet with large shrimps. It also has thin noodles on it. Messy to eat while taking the shell out but worth it.

Japanese Parfait
Japanese Parfait: Combination with Green Tea & Sesame Ice Cream, Red Mongo and Rice Cake P200.00

Now lets go to the desserts! We had the Japanese Parfait, a combination of Green Tea and Sesame Ice Cream with Red Mongo and Rice Cake. Better to combine the Red Mongo with the two ice cream flavor to reveal the deliciousness.

Tofu Pudding
Tofu Pudding P150.00

To top it off, is the Tofu Pudding that reminds me of taho or yogurt on a soap based. It has mango bits. Aside form the dishes mentioned, they also have variety of menu examples are Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and so on.

Anniversary Promo
For every purchase of Tobanyaki or Kaminabe, you can get their California Maki (6 pieces) for only 1 pesos on their anniversary September 20, 2015!

I enjoyed all the dishes and will promise to visit again soon. Staff are also well trained and knowledgeable about the food. They can answer us whenever we are so curious about the food. They are packed during dinner time before we finally decided to leave. Making it an evidence that people frequent to this place. Rosanjin definitely depicts tradition and innovation for a Japanese modern restaurant. So if you are planning to try authentic Japanese food, visit them at the 3rd Floor of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

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