Pagpag for Ulam

I forgot to pay for our Cignal Cable so I was left on watching the free channels on our tv. I am used to watching series, food channels and reality shows. There was no shows on free channels especially late at night then I came at GMA News Network at channel 11 where they had most of their documentaries.

Pagpag for Ulam
This is Mang Norbing who cooks pagpag for his suki's

Last April 19, Reel Time had this story about Pagpag (pasintabi po sa mga kumakain). What is Pagpag?

Pagpag is a Filipino term for leftover food from fast-food restaurants scavenged from garbage sites and dumps.[1] The word in the Filipino language literally means to "shake off", and refers to the act of shaking the dirt off of the edible portion of the leftovers. The act of eating pagpag arose from the practical challenges of hunger that resulted from extreme poverty.

Sa totoo lang, para akong maduduwal while watching the documentary. There is this Mang Norbing, who who gets pagpag and will wash and cook it and will sell it. What's more surprising is that the people who will buy his Kaldereta knows that the food is from pagpag. Sarap na sarap pa sila. I can't take it. Knowing that the food came from garbage is disgusting. They even let the kids eat it. Grabe! I let my partner watched it. I told him that if we don't have money to buy food, to please not let us eat pagpag. Maybe we can buy tuyo or have mantika on rice but not pagpag! And I promised myself that this will never happen to my kids, never! There are also the stories of 2 moms Connie & Rosy na nabubuhay din sa pagpag. They will sell it to people and if they are lucky, they will get a small money to buy some rice then will just cook pagpag for their ulam. Naawa ako sa kanila kasi wala silang choice na ipakain sa mga anak nila ang pagpag. Yung basura sa atin para sa kanila ay pagkain at ulam na. Sobrang nakakasad.

I do hope the government will do something about this kind of issue. Kawawa yung mga bata. Madame silang makukuhang sakit dito.

I was raised on a squatter's area. But never on my entire life that we ate pagpag. So I was really thankful and grateful for my life and to my parents. Na kahit na naghihirap kame before they never let me experienced that kind of life.

Let's be thankful for what we have.

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