Oreo Supreme

Post Valentine Recipe - Oreo Supreme! I got these simple recipe from The Vanilla Housewife's blog. I love easy simple desserts! Though my partner is not a dessert kind of person, I still try making one because he won't let me cook for myself! I wanted to make something for him for Valentines Day (we don't want to pressure ourselves with the traffic if we go out and have a date) but it ends up my whole family divulging themselves on my version of Oreo Supreme. Huh!


Nestle Cream
Condense Milk

First is to crush the Oreos. I really didn't crushed them well. I want to have big bits.

Then combine the Nestle Cream and Condense. Don't add too much condense because Oreos are already sweet.

It doesn't look layered! Too much condense He He He

Lastly, layer the Oreos and the combined Cream and Condense on a canister container or even mason jars. And top if off with remaining crushed Oreos. You can add ribbons to your canister and there, you already have a sweet gift for your loved one.

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How was it? It was really delicious! It taste like Cookies & Cream Ice Cream! My family loved it even the kids! Thanks to Jhanis of The Vanilla Housewife for this easy recipe. :)

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