DIY Mustache Bash Party

DIY Mustache Bash Party

When I've become a mom, my passion for DIY just blooms. So whenever I am seeing DIY and crafts I can't help but to think on how they are made or maybe I can make something else. Seeing how creative the person who made something by hand makes me feel happy.

That's how I felt when I've attended Gael's Dedication and First Birthday Mustache Bash Party. Everything was DIY and looks nice. Eve, my college, theater friend and kumare from Qarah Moments  had a lot of help from her church mates. A DIY party will not be successful if you don't have any support. DIY mom will attest to that on how hard it is. Take example the First Birthday & Dedication of Philip Bo, Rica Peralejo's son, a lot of nice and super cute DIY on his intimate party was attained with the help of her aunts, grand parents, nieces etc. Go check it out.

Going back, here are some of the pictures from Gael's DIY Mustache Bash Party.

The tarp on the entrance of the venue. The picture was taken by Romel, Gael's father who have an eye on photography.

Upon entering you will see this table with the candles, dedication program, diy props etc.

Candles with DIY Mustache

DIY Props for their DIY Photobooth

These DIY Props are easy to do and you can also make your own. We also had our DIY Photobooth from my Twins' Birthday that I will show in the next coming days.

DIY Photobooth

DIY Table Centerpiece

These are the DIY Studio Pictures that was taken by Gael's Father at their house.



DIY Mustache Ballon Pillar

Candy Buffet Corner

Cupcake Souvenir

Since our college days, Eve was always been creative. And Romel found his passion on photography. Aside from the fact that I love all the DIY things, it was good to finally catch up with my friends.

My Kumare

My forever friends

The outcome of their DIY Photobooth. So nice!

Happy First Birthday & Welcome to the Christian World Gael. Thank you for inviting us on your Mustache Bash Party. :)

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