Paper Pirate Hat

Last weekend we are supposed to attend a Pirate Birthday Party from my High School Friend's son. On the last minute I decided to create a simple Paper Pirate Hat for my twins.

What you'll need:
Black Cartolina
White Cartolina
White Pen (I used a white glue)

First, fold the black carolina horizontally. Then cut it. I am doing a hat for a toddler size so if you are going to do it on an adult size no need to cut it you can use the whole cartolina.

Next, fold it into two like the image above. Then opened it again.

Fold the upper left part same as the upper right part to form a triangle like above image.

Fold the lower part going upward. I folded it into two because it was too long.

Lined the lower part of the hat with a white glue or white pen. Cut the circular part.

Draw a skull on the white cartolina then cut it and glued it on the front of the hat.

The finish product! You can also add garters on the sides. Because on my case, my twins keep on removing it. He He He

And here is their attire. The onesie top is given by my friend and the shorts are gifts from their ninang. All is set! Too bad we were not able to go to the party because it was raining very hard. It is difficult for us to leave the house carrying two kids while raining continously. :( Sayang! Anyway I will just keep this for future reference.

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