DIY Cupcake Towel Souvenirs

DIY Cupcake Towel Souvenirs

I decided to DIY the souvenirs for my Twin's Baptismal. I chose to make Cupcake Towels. Its usable and cheap to make. When I asked something similar from the souvenir shops at the market it will cost P35.00 each. But if you will make your own, it will be half the price. Nothing really compares the feeling of fulfillment once you finished one DIY souvenir all for the love for your kids! *wink*

What you'll need:
Muffin Cups (2.00 each)
Small Baby Towels with different designs (8.00 each)
Personalized Tags (3.00 print/each)
Lollipops (optional)
Plastic Cover

DIY Cupcake Towel Souvenirs

1. Fold the towel diagonally to make the towel turn into triangle.
2. Roll the towel starting from the bottom part of the triangle.
3. After that roll it sideways to form the cupcake.
4. Cut the stick of the lollipop to the desired length to look like its the cherry of the cupcake and add it on the center and put it on the muffin cup.
5. Cover it with plastic cover, paste the tag and add the ribbons.

DIY Cupcake Towel Souvenirs

I've made a lot of these and it only costs P15.00 each. I made the personalized tags using Photoshop, the muffin cups and baby towels are bought in Divisoria. I also added some on the cupcake tower that I added on my DIY Candy Buffet without the plastic cover for decorations.

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