July 20, 2015

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH

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When I've decluttered my closet, I've realized that I am into online shopping so much. I have this suki on IG @bargainclosetph where she sells cute tops and dresses. I was hooked on all her items that I bought a lot! Her clothes ranges from 300 plus + shipping fee. All the items are really in good quality plus you will receive a freebie from her. Then I came to a point that its just too much and I really need to track my spending. So last December of last year was my last purchased from her. I unfollowed her on IG, to control my urge to buy. But don't you worry, I am still keeping some of the clothes.

Here are some of the items that I bought from her:

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
I used this on my twins' Baptismal.

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
I used this often at work

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
One of my staple blouse on going to work

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
I don't use this that much

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
This one too...

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
Looks formal

Online Shopping: @BargainClosetPH
But has a cute design at the back

It is one of my goal to save this year. So as much as possible, I am trying to control myself on buying things that I really don't need. I have as much clothes for everyday use now. No need to buy a new one anytime soon. I just realized that it's not the clothes that defines you as a person, true character is reflected based on how you behave. Of course, the clothes you wear should always be clean but it shouldn't be expensive. :)

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