May 28, 2015

Flea Market Today in Eastwood!

Flea Market

I really need to post this right away! He He He There is an ongoing Flea Market in Eastwood today until Sunday. This is different from the usual bazaar in Eastwood every payday. Why you may say? Because the items are much cheaper! I go crazy really because we don't have our pay yet! Ha Ha Ha But I still manage to control myself and not to impulse buy.

Time To Save A Life

At the front are the items for Time To Save A Life. They are selling Tshirts, watches, and chocolates. The good thing about this is that the 50% net from all the sold items will go to cancer patients for their medications and various beneficiaries of Lovehopefaith. 

Time To Save A Life

Time To Save A Life

Time To Save A Life

Time To Save A Life
Sweets for a good cause

Thomas Laureti Shirts & Time To Save A Life Items

Thomas Laureti Socks
Thomas Laureti Socks

As you roam around there are affordable items for clothes, make ups, accessories, glasses, sandals and a lot more!

Flea Market
P150 for these kinonos

Flea Market
P150 pesos for these blouses

Buy 1 Take 1 for P300 for these swimwear tops

Buy 1 Take 1 for these sandals

And these are my loot. Well dalawang piraso lang naman binili ko. :)

White Summer Blouse
White Blouse for P150 pesos

Because its summer! ;)

Time To Save A Life
White Watch from Time To Save A Life for P200

I bought one watch because I lost my all time everyday Timex watch. Ewan ko kung san nilagay nila kambal! Baka naihagis somewhere. Secondly, because the proceeds will go to a cancer patient and you know that my mom is a cancer patient. It's a great deal and the watch is so gaan and masarap syang isuot.

Time To Save A Life
For more information about Time To Save A Life please visit their site ate

Do drop by at the Central Plaza in Eastwood to look for items that might catch you eye. Until Sunday only. Happy Shopping!

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