Planning a Minion Party

Minion Party

Minion Party by neriann on Polyvore

It's less than 2 weeks before my twin's 1st birthday! I got a change of heart for the theme. As you can see from my previous post here I wanted to have a superhero theme. I change my mind because we can still do the superhero theme when they reach 7 years of age. So I wanted something more kiddie like. Minions it is!

I still wanted to invite a few of their cousins and neighbors. And as usual we must follow our budget plan. We will have at least 5 games which I can't still decide if I am going to host. Hah! The time will be after lunch.



I still wanted a picture collage at the door with balloons.

Got this free printable here

This time I will have a tarpaulin printed, just a small one for the food table. 


Looks cute and simple


Will try to DIY a minion balloon pillars or balloon centerpiece with the help of my partner.


Got this here and twerk it a bit and add the images of my twins

I will send this invitation via FB and will print a copy for the Twin's Album.


I also want to make a balloon invitation for the kids with the above inspiration. A yellow balloon with notes:

Calling All Minions!
Deus & Eros are turning one!
Join us for a Birthday Snack
January 2015/3pm

on the envelope or a note that I will attach on the balloon it will say: "Gru says, I'm afraid your invitation met my shrink ray. Blow up this balloon and join my Minions"

(I tried it and it's an epic fail! The marker keeps on scattering! Totally a mess! So I am ditching this one. I think I'm down on the normal invitation)


Much easier! I think I can pull off an invitation like this.

Party Favors

There's a lot of cheap and affordable toys in Divisoria. I hope I can still go there but I only have a limited time due to work.


Or something simpler like this with a lot of candies and will just add minion stickers


Another great idea is covering the chocolates like minions!



I really wanted to do a DIY Photobooth for the kids. These are cute photo props that are easy to do if I have all the time. I will have this on a Polaroid Photobooth.


I will just order 2 yellow cakes at Goldilocks then will add toppers like the ones below and a minion toy topper. I failed big time last Baptismal. We just ordered a simple dedication cake from Red Ribbon. The original plan is I will add buntings but don't have time to do so.  I also want to order cupcakes to go with the cakes.

Games & Activities

I will prepare few simple games for the kids.


Pabitin - A filipino game where children snatch prizes. It involves a lattice of bamboo sticks (called a balag) suspended in the air with string. The lattice is strung with plastic bags willed with small toys, snacks, sweets or coins. It is suspended in a way that it can be lowered and raised quickly. Children are to gather under the lattice as it is lowered to reach the party favors. Source

Paluan ng banga

A filipino version of pinata. 

Stop Dance on Newspaper
Calamansi Race
And some Bring Me


I already made a Minion Crochet Beanie for the twins. Then I ordered customized minion shirts with their names at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall.


We will only prepare simple snacks for the kids. Which includes:

This is a jollibee spaghetti :)


Hotdogs with Marhsmallows

Egg Sandwich from Google


And that's it! I'll update here on the blog what will happen on the day itself. I only have 3 days leave at work so wish me luck!

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