Money Saving Tips

"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Benjamin Franklin

Money Saving Tips

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Here’s a list of things that I think “I CAN” do. My goal is to at least save an emergency fund which I really can’t do before getting on the age of 30 (hehehe). I know these are too long but won’t hurt if I will give it a try. When I was single, I spent a lot on everything! I really don't care about saving. So my mom nags me a lot. Ha Ha Ha. 
But situation is different now, I  am a new mom and I never knew that its this hard. I have 2 kids and so there's milk and diapers that's been added to my expenses. But still need to try to save for their future once they started on going to school. *heavy.sigh*
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Learn to cook all your meals: Impress your friends and your wallet by cooking at home regularly. -- Boyfie is cooking my packed lunch everyday. Check!
Don’t fly or take vacation during peak travel season: This will always be more expensive. Instead, visit on the tail ends of each season – so you can still enjoy the weather along with better rates. -- I minimize my travel vacation as of the moment because of the babies.
Don’t go shopping just because there is a sale: Do you really need it? Start with the need first, then look for the sale. -- I've improved on this! A lot! He He He!
Keep soap remnants: Save those little soap fragments and make them into a soap ball. Also make sure to take any soap in your hotel room home with you – that’s good free stuff! -- I usually do this, including the free shampoos.
Eat before you go food shopping: An oldie but a goodie – help yourself stick to your shopping list by not going to the store hungry.
Make your own coffee: If you drink coffee, make your own batch each morning and carry a thermos with you daily. No more Starbucks. -- There is a free coffee vending machine at the office. :)
Limit your dinners out to once a month: But make it a nice one and look forward to it. -- I do it twice a month, every payday. But I think I can do it once a month or not at all because boyfie is a good cook anyway.
Don’t drink alcohol: Empty calories and dollars down the drain! -- I'm still breastfeeding my twins! So it's a No-No.
Don’t buy junk food ever again: That includes chips, sodas, cookies, cakes. Wasted money and calories. -- I'm really not into junk foods. But boyfie always include some chichirya when he is into grocery.
Go generic: From food to drugs and more, going generic almost always saves you money.
Take vacations nearby: Forget long flights and big resorts in the Caribbean. Most likely, you don’t live very far from some nice places to visit.
Create a budget: Fail to plan, plan to fail. Make a tight budget and stick to it. -- I badly need this. I have a budget but it's so hard to stick to it.
Don’t buy bottled water: Either use a water filter at home or boil your own. Take water with you in reusable water bottles or a thermos. -- Free water at our office! :)
No more fast food: Like junk food, a total waste of money for the nutrition you don’t get. -- How about fries? No? :(
Drink water: Forget juice or soda. Most all drinks are filled with sugar or weird artificial sweeteners. Water is cheaper and far healthier. -- I sometimes drink sodas, so I think I can still improve on this.
Stop going to the mall: This place is designed to make you buy, buy, buy. Go directly to the store you need to buy something from, and then leave. -- How about window shopping? Ha Ha Ha!
Buy clothes at thrift store: Save money on clothing, and get a cool vintage look by putting your outfits together the right way. -- Before I always buy clothes, but now I've learned to recycled my clothes.
When traveling, carry food: Make your food ahead of time or get from your cheap grocery store.  Especially when in airports, don’t buy anything there as it’s all overpriced.
Never impulse buy anything: Wait two weeks after the impulse to see if you really need it. Bet you don’t! -- Impulse buyer!
Make your gifts: Get your craft on, and make your gifts for family and friends. -- If I still have time to do so. :p

I am still thinking on what to add, there's still a lot. And I can still improve on some. But to tell you honestly my salary is just enough that I don't have enough savings, no emergency funds and payments on my Insurance. So I really need to stick on my budget and prioritize the most important things especially for my kids.

How about you? What other tips can you add on saving?

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